Study Confirms Widening Gap

first_imgA new study released by the Conference Board of Canada confirmsthat the federal government’s ability to pay for health care isgrowing, while the provinces’ is declining, said Nova Scotia’sFinance Minister Peter Christie. “This study proves that the gulf between the federal governmentand the provinces is widening, and will continue to grow if thefederal government does not soon step up to the plate on healthcare,” Mr. Christie said today, March 8, in Halifax. The study shows that over the next 16 years, all provincial andterritorial governments are headed for deeper deficits, whilefederal budget surpluses will increase dramatically. “They get richer while we become poorer,” said Mr. Christie. By2020, the 10 provinces and three territories can expect to post acollective deficit of $11 billion, while the federal governmentsurplus should reach $78 billion. A growing and aging population will drive up health-care costs,which will continue to be the biggest fiscal challenge for theprovinces and territories, according to the Conference Boardreport. Nova Scotia Premier John Hamm, along with premiers from acrossthe country, is calling on the federal government to make the $2-billion supplement to health-care funding permanent, starting in2004/05. “This is a non-partisan issue. Premiers of all political stripesare urging the prime minister to recognize Canadians’ number onepriority in the upcoming federal budget,” said Premier Hamm. The provinces are asking Ottawa to meet Roy Romanow’srecommendation that the federal share of health-care funding beincreased to 25 per cent, from its present 16 per cent.last_img read more

Eyeing an overhaul

first_imgIn the early days, Calcutta was at the forefront of public transport in India. Not just the first (and now only) tram network in India, but the very first Metro. As decades have passed, Kolkata fell behind due to a series of political missteps, leaving the other major cities to race ahead with public transport projects and leaving this rapidly expanding city well behind. Calcutta would have got it’s first Metro as far back as 1921, had the recommendation of Sir Harley Dalrymple-Hay been acted upon but due to a paucity of funds, his ambitious plans were ditched. The city finally saw a Metro network materialise in 1984, racing passengers deep in the bowels of the city on a North-South shuttle run. Also Read – A special kind of bondSince 1984, Kolkata has grown. Not as quickly as Delhi or Mumbai, but towns which were once distant weekend-breaks are now encroaching on the city’s borders–Kalyani (where the Bengal AIIMS is being constructed and proposed site for the new Kolkata Airport), Barasat, Barrackpore, Salt Lake, New Town and Garia. This is in addition to the booming industrial area in Howrah, forwarding successfully thanks to its proximity to the station and the northbound GT Road and Westbound Mumbai Road. Also Read – Insider threat managementHow has the city kept pace with adequate public transport? Not very well. Except for a few patchy extensions, other lines remain in the snail’s pace construction phase or dormant on paper. In comparison, Delhi now has eight Metro lines, alongside eight other major cities. In fact, the Kolkata Metro remains entirely under the Indian Railways, juxtaposed with the Gurugram Metro which is entirely privately funded. In terms of road transport, the city has just one ‘Bus Rapid Transport System’ (BRTS) route planned, and it is not likely to go beyond the planning phase as the East-West Metro route has concrete pillars erected along the proposed route. The private buses remain the same, most over two-decade-old racing death traps which kill at least one person a day. A brand new long-distance bus terminus at Santragachi on the Kona Expressway remains mothballed due to the existing one at Babu Ghat still being used, in spite of court orders and an environmental threat to both the Maidan and Victoria Memorial. Whatever little Metro work has taken place has come at an environmental cost. The first line cut a strip off the eastern edge off the Maidan, while the line currently under construction will have ventilation shafts dotted across it. The damage has continued with the growth of the city, broadening of the EM Bypass to accommodate additional vehicular traffic, the overhead Metro line and the BRTS line attracting development on the eastern flank which is the famous ecological wonder and the East Kolkata Wetlands which treats the city’s sewage organically without any need for a Sewage Treatment Plant. This expansion into the wetlands has attracted commercial offices such as an embassy and a premium apartment complex with the latter taking up a 65-acre plot on its own. India’s solution for the ever-increasing vehicular traffic has been the hideous and dangerous flyover network, Delhi alone has almost 100. The past few decades have seen numerous concrete monstrosities worming their way through the Kolkata’s skyline with branches coming off them in the planning phases alongside a new proposed flyover to cut across wetlands, connecting the city to the airport directly. With traffic increasing at a general rate of 10 per cent per year, basic maths tells us that even flyovers would be beyond capacity in a decade. To add to their woefulness, two have collapsed–one of which has developed a new crack–and all are being closely inspected; this does not include the Majerhat Bridge collapse. The solution to this abysmal situation is heavy investment in public transport, with bi-partisan political support and reform of our transport unions. The status quo, especially considering India’s booming population, is not sustainable and we are a generation away from total chaos on our streets. The renowned economist Paul Krugman pointed out that weak urban transport systems constrain economic growth as they limit urban agglomeration and reduce labour and economies of scale. The coming decade will add AIIMS and a new airport, on par with the existing Dum Dum Airport, within the greater Kolkata area, besides the previously mentioned townships which are also growing. This needs radical, brave and visionary leadership. The ‘Three E’s’ of infrastructure rule, if followed, will relieve the pressure. To begin with, ‘Engineering’ is required; multiple Metro lines, whether under Indian Railways, PPP, state or wholly private. Old buses need to be removed and replaced with electric AC buses on BRTS routes with dedicated lanes, and we need thousands of these, not a token few. School ‘pool cars’ ought to be thought about too, they are unregulated, dangerous and uncomfortable. Once again, private sector options are available, with at least one major corporate rumoured to have offered to take over the entire bus network in the city, but unions strongly opposed them. The second phase is ‘Education’, the public need to be made aware of adequate, comfortable, fast and cheap public transport now available and to use it. Awareness about the environment, city congestion, pollution and traffic jams should be raised, people must be charmed. The final step is ‘Enforcement’–London style ‘Congestion Charging’, where vehicles are fined for coming into the heart of the city, steep parking fines and steep road toll charges. If such valiant leadership can be displayed, triggering dramatic reform, our city will be on par with any in the west and our magical, and award-winning, ecology will be protected. Allowing the stagnancy to continue will result in ever-increasing traffic jams, unions holding the public hostage fare increases, profiteering from app cabs and, in the long run, a breakdown in public order in the form of riots. Krugman’s economic model can swing both ways, which direction it does will be dictated by our Vidhan Sabha. (The views expressed are strictly personal)last_img read more

Exports up 225 in July trade deficit narrows to 4month low

first_imgNew Delhi: India’s exports growth turned positive in July, spurting 2.25 per cent, while trade deficit narrowed to a four-month low of $13.43 billion, government data showed on Wednesday. Exports increased to $26.33 billion in July as against $25.75 billion in the same month last year. Imports, however, slipped by 10.43 per cent to $39.76 billion. Decline in overall imports, including oil and gold, led to narrowing of the trade deficit — the difference between imports and exports. Also Read – Thermal coal import may surpass 200 MT this fiscalTrade deficit in July 2018 stood at $18.63 billion. The previous low was in March 2019, when this gap was at $10.89 billion. “As a result of government’s proactive trade policies and support, India’s merchandise trade deficit is down by 28 per cent in July 2019 over July 2018. Merchandise exports during the same time have grown to reach $26.33 billion,” Commerce and Industry Minister Piyush Goyal said in a tweet. Gold imports declined 42.2 per cent to $1.71 billion in July. Oil imports fell 22.15 per cent to $9.6 billion, while non-oil slipped by 5.92 per cent to $30.16 billion. Also Read – Food grain output seen at 140.57 mt in current fiscal on monsoon boostExport sectors that showed positive growth in the last month included chemical, iron ore, electronics, marine products and pharmaceuticals. However, shipments of some key sectors recorded negative growth, including gems and jewellery (- 6.82 per cent), engineering goods (- 1.69 per cent) and petroleum products (- 5 per cent), according to the data. Cumulatively, during April-July 2019, exports dipped 0.37 per cent to $107.41 billion, while imports contracted by 3.63 per cent to $166.8 billion. Trade deficit during the four-month period narrowed to $59.39 billion as compared to $65.27 billion in the same period last fiscal. Oil imports in April-July 2019-20 were at $44.45 billion, which was 5.69 per cent lower as compared to $47.13 billion in the same period last year. Commenting on the data, Federation of Indian Export Organisations (FIEO) said the sluggish global demand and uncertainties emanating from tariff wars are clearly visible in the slowdown in exports across the globe. “Domestic issues including access to credit, cost of credit especially for merchant exporters, interest equalisation support to all agri exports, benefits on sales to foreign tourists and quick refund of GST should be seriously looked into,” FIEO President Sharad Kumar Saraf said. Trade Promotion Council of India (TPCI) Chairman Mohit Singla said to some extent this export growth is partially on account of rupee, which has depreciated by about 3.5 per cent in the past six weeks, which gives an impetus for short-term export gains. “Since the consumption rates in India have plummeted, demand has been squeezed, especially for precious stones and electronic goods,” Singla said. India’s exports growth entered the negative zone after a gap of eight months in June, recording a decline of 9.71 per cent, amid global headwinds. The World Bank in its Global Economic Prospects (June 2019) has projected weakening of global trade in 2019. Global trade is projected to grow at 2.6 per cent this year, a full percentage point below its previous forecast.last_img read more

Canada takes centre stage in Bannon film based on Huawei exec Mengs

first_imgOTTAWA — Canada plays a starring role in a soon-to-be-released film aimed at exposing China’s bid for world domination through technology — produced by one-time Trump strategist Steve Bannon.The film, “Claws of the Red Dragon,” is fiction, but “inspired by” Canada’s arrest of Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou and China’s subsequent retaliatory measures, including the detention of two Canadians for alleged espionage and death sentences meted out to two other Canadians convicted of drug crimes.Bannon has said the movie is aimed at exposing ties between Huawei, which he describes as the “greatest national security threat” to the United States, and China’s communist government, which he maintains is “the greatest existential threat the West has ever faced.”He’s also been clear that his objective is to stiffen U.S. President Donald Trump’s resolve to shut Huawei out of development of next generation wireless networks over fears the telecommunications giant is controlled by the Chinese government and its equipment could be used to spy on or sabotage other countries.The film is to be released next month by New Tang Dynasty Television, part of the Epoch Media Group that is closely associated with the Falun Gong spiritual movement and includes the pro-Trump and vehemently anti-Beijing newspaper, The Epoch Times.  The 54-minute movie follows fictional Chinese-Canadian journalist Jane Li as she reports on Canada’s arrest of the chief financial officer of Huaxing Hi-Tech; along the way she “exposes the company’s ties” to the Chinese Communist Party and the Chinese military, according to a New Tang Dynasty news release.The film features a Canadian cast, including Eric Peterson of “Street Legal” and “Corner Gas” fame.A trailer for the movie, replete with ominous soundtrack, shows Peterson — playing a character named James MacAvoy and bearing an uncanny resemblance to Canada’s former ambassador to China, John McCallum — meeting with a detained Canadian named Michael.In real life, Canadians Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor have been detained in China since December, accused of espionage shortly after Canada detained Meng, who is wanted by the U.S. on charges of fraud related to evasion of American sanctions on Iran.The trailer also shows Peterson telling someone who looks remarkably like Prime Minister Justin Trudeau that the Chinese “just arbitrarily sentenced a Canadian to death. There’s no telling where this retaliation will end.”In the New Tang Dynasty news release, Bannon calls the movie “a seminal and timely work exposing the inner workings” of the Chinese Communist Party and Huawei.“Run by a radical cadre of the Chinese Communist Party, China’s Communism today is the greatest existential threat the West has ever faced,” Bannon says. “Huawei, the technology and telecommunications arm of the CCP and the People’s Liberation Army, is the greatest national security threat we have ever faced, as it is already in the process of a global tech domination via 5G and 6G (wireless networks).”Bannon told Bloomberg earlier this month that he hopes the film will be screened for Trump at the White House.“The central issue in the 2020 presidential campaign is going to be the economic war with China: manufacturing jobs, currency, capital markets and technology,” he told the news agency. “Huawei is a key part of that and this film will highlight why it must be shut down.”Joan Bryden , The Canadian Presslast_img read more

Eastern DR Congo still faces security humanitarian challenges – Ban

The security and humanitarian situation in the far east of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) continues to crumble, despite the recent signing of a peace pact between the Government and a key militia, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon writes in a new report.On 23 March, the Government and the National Congress for People’s Defence (CNDP), one of the main combatants in the fighting, signed a peace accord.But the report made public today, which covers the period since the end of March, points to new challenges, “which further increase the fragility and volatility of the situation” in the area.The obstacles include the capacity and conduct of the newly-integrated units of the DRC forces, known as FARDC, in North and South Kivu provinces, it said, with many troops being unpaid, poorly trained and badly equipped.Command and control of FARDC units is also fragile, resulting in stepped up desertions, mutinies and “a surge in unacceptable abuses against the very populations that these forces are expected to protect,” Mr. Ban wrote.There are some 1.7 million internally displaced persons (IDPs) in eastern DRC, with 500,000 having been uprooted since this January due to clashes between the FARDC and the rebel Democratic Liberation Forces of Rwanda (FDLR).But he pointed out that 350,000 displaced have been able to return to their homes in North Kivu.Notwithstanding this positive development, the Secretary-General said that the human rights situation is still cause for grave concern.Members of the FARDC and the Congolese National Police are responsible for rape and torture, among other abuses, while members of foreign armed groups such as the FDLR and the notorious Ugandan group known as the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) are responsible for massacres of civilians, sexual violence and arbitrary executions.Another major obstacle continues to be addressing impunity, requiring the efforts of the highest levels of Government to bring those behind human rights and other abuses to justice, the report said.To this end, the UN peacekeeping mission in the DRC, known as MONUC, is creating an action plan to ensure that the Government agrees on a strategy to combat sexual violence.Also made public today was a report by the Security Council mission which visited the African Union (AU) at its headquarters in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Rwanda, the DRC and Liberia from 14-21 April.The Council called on the Governments in the region, especially the DRC and Rwanda, “to continue to build on the positive momentum created by their recent improved relations and to continue to take measures aimed at building confidence between them and laying the foundations for sustainable regional cooperation.”The body also welcomed the appointment of a Rwandan ambassador to the DRC, urging the DRC in turn to expedite its appointment of an ambassador to Rwanda.On sexual and gender-based violence, the Government must take decisive action to address confirmed abuses by FARDC soldiers, the report said, including following on the list of five officers in commanding positions assessed to have carried out such crimes. 7 July 2009The security and humanitarian situation in the far east of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) continues to crumble, despite the recent signing of a peace pact between the Government and a key militia, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon writes in a new report. read more

Emojis the modern day answer to cave paintings one tweet and text

by Peter Henderson, The Canadian Press Posted Jul 1, 2015 2:00 am MDT Last Updated Jul 1, 2015 at 10:20 am MDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email TORONTO – People around the world have pledged their love, expressed their frustrations and declared their pressing need for pizza in billions of tweets in the last two years, all using emojis.The pictograms have become an integral part of online communication, according to the more than 10.1 billion tweets collected by website EmojiTracker since it launched on July 4, 2013.“They fill in body language, tone of voice, that sense of emotional nuance that you lose when you have just text in formal communication,” said Gretchen McCulloch, a Montreal-based linguist and writer.The standards for emojis and other computerized text are controlled by the non-profit Unicode Consortium.On June 17, the group issued its latest update to the Unicode standard and added a bottle with a popping cork, a turkey and the oft-requested taco to its lineup of symbols.The taco emoji had been the subject of an online petition started by Taco Bell that grew to 32,000 signatures by the time the new symbol was released.The absence of a taco symbol and the presence of multiple forms of rice cakes and sushi reflect the Japanese origins of emojis.Originally developed by Japanese cellphone manufacturers, existing emojis became fully integrated into the wider standard for computer text in 2010.Since then, the Emoji Subcommittee of the Unicode Consortium has taken submissions from consortium members and the public at large on new additions. The number of emojis has grown to 1,281.The process has led to some idiosyncrasies. There are three distinct emojis for trains, but none for a high-five. Until this year, emojis representing faces and people were only available in a single colour.And emojis are displayed differently on different operating systems, which can lead to confusion.The dancer emoji, for instance, was proposed to the consortium as a symbol modelled on John Travolta in “Saturday Night Fever.”Google’s Android software stays relatively close to the original intention, while on Apple phones Travolta becomes a salsa-dancing woman in a long skirt.McCulloch said emojis can’t necessarily be used to replace existing language. She points to the opening sentence of “Emoji Dick,” a translation of Herman Melville’s classic “Moby-Dick” that spins an emoji take on “Call me Ishmael.”“Something like telephone, man, sailboat, whale, okay symbol — I don’t know if that’s linguistically specific,” she said.Instead, she said, what people seem to do is use emojis to emphasize or illustrate what they’re typing about, as someone would illustrate a tweet about shopping with shopping bags.Neil Cohn is a post-doctoral fellow studying visual language at the University of California, San Diego. He says teenagers using emojis are not all that different than early humans using cave paintings.Those drawings weren’t just artistic expression, Cohn said, but were probably used to augment storytelling.“Using images integrated with spoken language, in this case with text, is as old as human communication,” he said. “This is just an extension of that, siphoned through a technological tunnel.”While the Canadian flag is represented as an emoji,McCulloch said she wishes Canadians had an emoji to call their own, beyond the Canadian flag.“We could have a moose emoji,” she said. “That would be pretty cool.” Emojis are shown in a handout photo. People around the world have pledged their love, expressed their frustrations and declared their pressing need for pizza in billions of tweets in the last two years, all using emojis. THE CANADIAN PRESS/HO Emojis the modern day answer to cave paintings, one tweet and text at a time read more

Minnesota Duluth ends Ohio State womens ice hockeys season in WHCA tournament

Senior defenseman Becky Allis attempts to chase down the puck during a game against the Toronto Aeros Sept. 28 at the OSU Ice Rink. OSU lost, 2-1.Credit: Chelsea Spears / Multimedia editorA streaky season came to a close for the Ohio State women’s hockey team this weekend.The Buckeyes (15-17-5, 10-16-5) fell to Minnesota Duluth (15-14-6, 13-12-6), 5-1, on the road Sunday in the decisive third game of the team’s Western Collegiate Hockey Association Tournament first-round series.Junior forward Zoe Hickel gave the host Bulldogs their third 1-0 lead of the weekend 9:24 into Sunday’s game, but seven minutes later junior forward Kayla Sullivan tied the game for the Buckeyes.Then, 7:06 into the second, Duluth scored what would prove to be the series-clinching goal. After OSU freshman defenseman Alexa Ranahan was called for interference, the Bulldogs capitalized on the power play with a goal from freshman defenseman Sidney Morin.Despite 16 combined shots in the second and third period, the Buckeyes couldn’t find the tying goal, and a couple of Duluth empty net goals punctuated the clinching victory.OSU coach Nate Handrahan said the 5-1 score line was slightly misleading, but ultimately the game came down to missed opportunities.“I thought we played our best game of the series and really had a lot of opportunities to capitalize, but we didn’t,” Handrahan said. “That kind of allowed them to hang around, and they capitalized when we didn’t.”On Saturday night the Buckeyes had to ride 32 saves from OSU senior goalie Lisa Steffes to come from behind twice and extend the series with a 3-2 win.Tied 1-1 heading into the third, the two teams shared three goals in a 2:20 span. Duluth took their second lead of the night early in the period, but senior forward Ally Tarr scored her 11th of the year to tie things at two. Tarr picked up an assist on the winning goal two minutes later, as she and junior defenseman Sara Schmitt set up Sara’s twin sister, junior defender Kari Schmitt, to score the game-winning power play goal.Game one on Friday saw both net minders stymie the opposition. Steffes and Duluth sophomore goalie Kayla Black combined for 50 saves, but it was the one shot Steffes didn’t save that mattered. Duluth’s leading goal scorer, senior forward Jamie Kenyon gave her team the lead 5:26 into the second, and things remained that way the rest of the night.The close margins of each playoff game were representative of an OSU team that reinvented itself after the winter holidays, only losing four of its final 16 regular season games.Over the course of the season, the Buckeyes fought through a nine-game winless streak, while also putting together separate three and four-game winning streaks. read more

These Bengals Are The Best In Franchise History

—2015Cincinnati1349411087— 19881626.113613310689 142001Oakland122861067982.0 OFFENSEDEFENSE 62011Green Bay13597958372.6 YEARMAX ELOPASSINGRUSHINGPASSINGRUSHING 132008Indianapolis122851099481.5 20151666.31349411087 151995Green Bay12687979084.2 112009San Diego12884989580.6 71983Miami124961189175.9 19741632.711611010578 An elite passing offense is where the similarities between the 1981 and 2015 Bengals end, though. While the 1981 squad also employed a solid rushing attack4An underrated feature that causes their estimated EPA to rise despite a middling yards-per-carry mark: rarely fumbling. No team fumbled less than Cincinnati in 1981, and most of its fumbles were committed by quarterbacks and receivers, not running backs. and a balanced defense that was essentially league-average against the run and the pass, the 2015 Bengals defend the pass well but aren’t particularly good at running the ball or defending against the run. Among historical Bengals squads, that profile more closely matches the strengths and weaknesses of the 1975 team, which was also good at passing and stopping the pass but lousy in the running game on both sides of the ball. (The 1975 Bengals ultimately lost in the divisional round of the playoffs.)But if we’re looking for historical teams truly comparable to this year’s Bengals, we’ll have to leave Cincinnati. We can measure how similar any two team’s strengths and weaknesses are by using the differences in their EPA grades from above.5Specifically, we can take the squared differences in their passing and rushing grades on each side of the ball and weight them by the relative importance of each category in determining a team’s overall quality during the Super Bowl era. In this case, the weights are 44 percent to passing offense, 12 percent to rushing offense, 31 percent to passing defense and 12 percent to rushing defense.Here are the teams most similar to the 2015 Bengals: 91988L.A. Rams12510311310179.8 RANKYEARTEAMPASSINGRUSHINGPASSINGRUSHINGDIFF² OFFENSEDEFENSE 19761663.3110108121112 202009Indianapolis1209110897100.5 19811666.41251119898 102006New Orleans125100998780.6 122015New England1311191089380.9 19891627.012011810487 20131630.710693126115 192012Atlanta120861088696.6 32014Green Bay1301081099742.5 161991Washington1371061239687.4 19731618.7117111106100 52003Indianapolis12698998667.5 22005Indianapolis133981139514.5 According to our NFL Elo ratings — FiveThirtyEight’s pet metric for determining an NFL team’s strength at any given moment1For an explanation far more extensive than you probably need (or want), click here. — the best Cincinnati Bengals team ever was the 1981 edition, led by quarterback and league MVP Ken Anderson. Those Bengals notched a franchise-best Elo rating of 1666.4 after they beat the San Diego Chargers 27-7 in the AFC championship game on Jan. 10, 1982. But two weeks later, they lost the Super Bowl to the San Francisco 49ers, and while Cincinnati has had a handful of good moments since, things have never quite looked as bright for the franchise as they did that winter day 33 years ago.At least not until tonight — potentially. Going into Thursday’s matchup with the Cleveland Browns, the Bengals have an Elo rating of 1666.3, a mere fraction of a point behind the high-water mark set by the 1981 team. Any win, no matter how small the margin, would make the 2015 Bengals the best team in franchise history.At 7-0, they’ve already started the season better than any other Cincinnati squad. Formerly maligned quarterback Andy Dalton ranks fourth in the NFL in Total QBR. And he has the support of a solid defense that ranks third in’s Simple Ratings and 12th in Football Outsiders’ DVOA metric. It’s a good recipe for a Super Bowl run, and Elo assigns the Bengals the NFL’s fourth-highest probability of winning it all this year (12 percent).That 1981 Bengals club shared an important characteristic with this year’s team: great passing. If we scale every team’s per-play expected points added (EPA)2Estimating EPA for seasons before 2006 using a weighted random forest regression model trained on data from 2006-2015. The model attempts to predict what a team’s rushing and passing EPA (on offense and defense) would have been if such data were available, based on the team’s box-score statistics relative to the NFL average that season. such that the league has an average of 100 and a standard deviation of 15 each season, we can measure how effective a team’s offense and defense was in the passing and running games. This season, Cincinnati’s aerial attack leads the league with a 134 grade.3Meaning its EPA is 2.3 standard deviations better than that of the average passing offense. The 1981 team ranked second in the NFL with a score of 125. The only Bengals squad with a better passing offense than either 1981 or 2015 was the 1988 version, whose 136 grade was fueled by Boomer Esiason’s own MVP campaign.Here are the best Bengals teams ever: 172004Indianapolis134107969587.6 20051642.71211129487 UPDATE (Nov. 6, 7:39 a.m.): The Bengals added six points to their Elo rating on Thursday night, defeating the Cleveland Browns 31-10. Cincinnati’s current Elo rating, 1672, is the best in franchise history. The article below was written before Thursday night’s game. 42013New Orleans123951118758.3 11970San Francisco13492108924.4 181979Dallas12397999394.0 19821644.41201089292 81984Miami1391151067677.5 According to this method, the 2015 Bengals’ closest historical doppelgangers were the 1970 San Francisco 49ers, with John Brodie playing the role of Dalton alongside little rushing support and a defense that was much better at stopping the pass than the run. The next five teams on the list are perhaps more interesting, if only because they’re more recent; there are two Peyton Manning-era Colts squads, two Aaron Rodgers-helmed Packers teams and a Drew Brees-led Saints team. We’re only halfway through the season, but this list puts the Bengals among great offensive company. Yet, like the comparison with the 1975 Bengals, it also lumps them in with a bunch of teams that went to the playoffs with impressive records only to lose before reaching the Super Bowl.Cincinnati has an 89 percent probability of beating the Browns tonight and claiming its mantle as the best Bengals squad ever. But their real work may be saved for the playoffs, in bucking the trend toward postseason disappointment for teams constructed out of similar parts. read more

Mens lacrosse coach feels honored to be Buckeye

At 30 years old, Ohio State’s second-year head lacrosse coach Nick Myers is living his dream.“I still pinch myself occasionally driving in each morning knowing that I am the head coach at Ohio State,” Myers said. “It’s very special to me.”On July 10, 2008, Myers became the 13th head coach of the OSU lacrosse program. He spent the previous three seasons as the Buckeyes’ top assistant.It was during those three years and two other seasons as a volunteer assistant under former coach Joe Breschi when Myers grew and learned how to coach.“Watching Nick develop from a young 24-year-old volunteer assistant into the head coach is great to see,” said Breschi, who is currently the coach at the University of North Carolina.In between his two assistant coaching jobs at OSU, Myers spent two seasons as the top assistant coach at Butler University.In his first year, Myers lead OSU to a 7-7 regular season record and the team advanced to the championship game in the Great Western Lacrosse League tournament.This year the team has a 6-6 record overall and is 2-3 in its new conference, the Eastern College Athletic Conference.When the team’s three senior captains Scott Foreman, Brandon Freeman and Andrew Stimmel talked about their coach, the one word they all used to describe him was “passionate.”Freeman said that Myers always brings high energy and passion to games and practices. Stimmel said that Myers pushes the players both on and off the field.“Nick has tremendous attention to detail, energy and passion for the game of lacrosse,” said Pat Myers, Nick’s brother and assistant coach at the University of North Carolina.Nick Myers’ stepfather introduced him to lacrosse, and Nick said he got his first look at a lacrosse stick as an eighth-grader.“For me it was a passion that I developed quickly,” Myers said. “It’s a game that is unique in a sense where it combines so many aspects of not only athleticism, but speed and scoring.”In high school, Myers was a two-time All-American and represented his home state of Maine in the 1997 North-South All-Star game.Myers was also a Division III All-American playing for Springfield College in Massachusetts, where he earned a degree in sports studies and physical education.After college, Myers came to OSU to be a volunteer assistant coach.“I knew financially it would be a burden,” Myers said. “I worked a couple of different jobs but it was so valuable, the time with coach Breschi, this staff and this family.”In Columbus, Nick joined his brother Pat who was playing lacrosse for the Buckeyes.“The chance to be with my brother for two years was really fun, too,” Nick Myers said. “We had a lot of fun together. I enjoyed coaching him.”In addition to on-the-field performance, Myers has the team set goals off the field as well.“At the beginning of the year we talk about family, academics and lacrosse,” Myers said. “We give a player handbook similar to what coach [Jim] Tressel has done with his ‘Winner’s Manual.’”This year, the team has achieved academic goals with a team grade point average of over 3.0. It also had 26 scholar athletes last quarter. The team also has contributed more than 600 hours of community service, beating its preseason goal of 500 hours.“Nick recognizes that playing lacrosse for Ohio State is a special honor, and is a privilege not a right,” Pat Myers said. “Lacrosse is secondary to the OSU lacrosse family and the academic aspect of the OSU lacrosse program.”Nick Myers has found a home in Columbus and at OSU. His face lit up as he said that he and his wife are expecting their first child this month.“I really feel like in a lot of ways this is where I have grown up. It is a place where I am very connected to through my family,” Myers said. “This athletic department is the finest in the country and it is very humbling at a young age to just be a part of it.” read more

Ohio State schedules homeandhome series with Notre Dame

The Ohio State football team has boosted its future schedule by going outside the “big five” conferences.OSU has set up a home-and-home series with the University of Notre Dame for the 2022 and 2023 seasons, according to an OSU release. The Buckeyes are scheduled to play the Fighting Irish on Sept. 3, 2022, in Columbus in their first game of the season. The two teams are set to play in South Bend, Ind., Sept. 23, 2023, to complete the series.Notre Dame is scheduled to play their final game of a 13 consecutive year series against rival Michigan Saturday. The Saturday finale between the Fighting Irish and the Wolverines will mark the 42nd meeting in their series.For football, Notre Dame is an independent program and not affiliated with any conference.OSU executive associate athletic director Martin Jarmond said in the release that OSU is “extremely pleased” to scheduled games against Notre Dame.“Notre Dame adds to the prestigious series of non-conference games we have been seeking to schedule that are competitive, attractive for our fans and exciting for our student-athletes to be a part,” Jarmond said in the release.The football program now has home-and-home series set with Virginia Tech (2014-15), Oklahoma (2016-17), Texas Christian University (2018-19), Oregon (2020-21), Texas (2022-23) and Boston College (2023-24) in addition to Notre Dame over the next decade.The two programs have played five times in the past with the Buckeyes taking a win in the most recent matchup, 34-20, in the 2006 Fiesta Bowl.OSU’s next game is scheduled for Saturday against Virginia Tech at 8 p.m. at Ohio Stadium. The game marks the Buckeyes’ 2014 home opener. read more

Prize bond fund reaches record amount and over 200000 people won last

first_imgPrize bond fund reaches record amount – and over 200,000 people won last year In 2018, gross sales reached €574 million and pushed the total value of the fund up to €3.4 billion. THE NATIONAL PRIZE bond fund has reached record levels of over €3.4 billion, according to an annual report for 2018.The Prize Bond Company DAC, which administers the bond on behalf of the National Treasury Management Agency (NTMA) marked 30 years since it was first established last year.The fund is designed for consumers to purchase prize bonds, similar to an investment but instead of earning interest on their investment, they are placed into a weekly draw to win cash prizes.Each draw offers a chance to win cash prizes up to €50,000, with two draws held each year with a top prize of €1 million – similar to the National Lottery, all cash prizes are tax-free.In 2018, gross sales reached €574 million and pushed the total value of the fund up to €3.4 billion.The prize bonds can be cashed in at any stage with seven days’ notice, and in 2018, repayments of prize bonds totalled €328 million.The number of prizes awarded, however, dropped last year with 224,474 people winning a prize in the draws, down from the 302,0674 in 2017.Traditionally, the bonds were sold at local post offices across the country, and while more than half are still purchased in person, some 8% of sales are now completed online.John Daly, chair of the Prize Bond Company said: “Gross sales of €574 million and an 8.0% increase in the value of the fund to more than €3.4 billion has made 2018 a record year for the scheme.“Being able to service Prize Bonds customers’ needs across a variety of channels, including the Post Office network, remains a key focus for the company in the year ahead.”The price of prize bonds are set at €25 for four bonds and the maximum amount that can be purchased by an individual is set at €250,000.  36,479 Views Image: Shutterstock/NathalieB Image: Shutterstock/NathalieB Thursday 25 Apr 2019, 5:41 PM Short URL Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Share Tweet Email2 By Conor McCrave Apr 25th 2019, 5:41 PM 57 Comments last_img read more

Becky Lynch returns to action Richie Steamboat talks retirement Bret Hart on

first_img Shawn Michaels WhatsApp Ronda Rousey Releases Mugshot After Arrest On WWE Raw Becky Lynch `WWE 24` Documentary Premier Date Announced WWE RAW Results – 9/9/19 (Steve Austin moderates, KOTR Semifinal, Women’s Tag Match) Now Playing Up Next Adam Martin RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR Becky Lynch returns to action this weekendWWE Smackdown Women’s Champion Becky Lynch returned to action at last night’s 10/22 WWE live event in Sioux City, Iowa. Lynch was pulled from the No Mercy PPV a few weeks ago due to an undisclosed injury. You can check out photos below of her return.#WWESiouxCity #StraightFire Well done @BeckyLynchWWE! You kicked some lass and went straight fire!— .Wrath Destruction. (@AsukaCityRP) October 23, 2016Richie Steamboat talks retirementChris Featherstone passed along an interview with Richie Steamboat discussing his retirement from wrestling during his time with WWE in NXT.“The [back] injury couldn’t have happened at a worse time in my career. It was really getting to the point where things were taking off, all the hard work I had done for so many years was paying off. I was having a feud with Kassius Ohno on NXT, and I injured my back doing a moonsault. I landed wrong and I lost feeling in everything from my chin down. I could still move everything, but I couldn’t feel anything. Over the next few days, feeling started to come back to me, and I wrestled through it. I worked several more weeks and really kind of kept my mouth shut about it because I was given this position and I wanted to make the most of it, I didn’t want to give up that opportunity. And it got to the point where my son at the time was like two or three and I couldn’t even pick him up. I sat down and talked to the WWE doctors to discuss things with then and I flew up to Pittsburgh to see some specialists. The best idea for my career and my future would be to kind of put the breaks on for a little bit and get some things fixed in my back.”Bret Hart on original plans with HBKInside the Ropes passed along this video clip of Bret Hart talking about original plans involving Shawn Michaels and WrestleMania 13. Twitter Now Playing Up Next Shawn Michaels Breaks Down His Mid-Air Sweet Chin Music Move Seth Rollins WWE 2K20’s 2K Showcase Mode will showcase the careers of The Four Horsewomen Ric Flair threatens WWE with legal action over Becky Lynch’s “The Man” gimmick Videos Articles Facebook Videos Articles WWE Lists The Shields Top 10 Wins Videos Articles Shawn Michaels On WWE Return Now Playing Up Next Now Playing Up Next Now Playing Up Next Recommended videosPowered by AnyClipWWE Lists The Shields Top 10 WinsVideo Player is loading.Play VideoPauseUnmuteDuration 0:30/Current Time 0:04Loaded: 100.00%0:04Remaining Time -0:26 FullscreenUp NextThis is a modal window.Beginning of dialog window. Escape will cancel and close the window.TextColorWhiteBlackRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentTransparentWindowColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyTransparentSemi-TransparentOpaqueFont Size50%75%100%125%150%175%200%300%400%Text Edge StyleNoneRaisedDepressedUniformDropshadowFont FamilyProportional Sans-SerifMonospace Sans-SerifProportional SerifMonospace SerifCasualScriptSmall CapsReset restore all settings to the default valuesDoneClose Modal DialogEnd of dialog window.Replay the list Ronda Rousey Google+ Pinterestlast_img

Burglar caught red handed

first_img Related Items:beat and patrol division, burglary, the bight Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Recommended for you Joyride by teenager ends in crash in The Bight Bold burglaries & break-in attempts; three arrested boy, 16 Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppProvidenciales, 10 Sept 2015 – Another burglar suspect arrested, this time the suspect was caught red handed by police coming out of the home he reportedly burglarized in The Bight Area.Police is crediting the arrest of the 34-year-old man to quick response by officers from the Beat and Patrol Division. Officers say, “shortly after 4am on Wednesday, police received a report that a man had burglarized a home. Upon arrival to the area officers from the Mobile division arrested the suspect after he was found with an item in his possession believed to be stolen from the home that he was allegedly seen leaving.”Officials say the suspect was taken into custody and will be formally charged for Burglary later this week.Sources tell magnetic media that this is not the first time this home was burglarized. Arrests, Fake gun, bank account hacked and armed robberylast_img read more

Queens Baton in the Caribbean From TT to Grenada

first_img Related Items: Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppTrinidad and Tobago, May 30th 2017: The baton is now on its way to Grenada having made its first stop in the Caribbean, Trinidad and Tobago. Arriving on Sunday evening, the baton made its way to the Capital city of Port of Spain Monday where First Lady Reema Carmona, wife of President Anthony Carmona, ran the first leg of the Queen’s Baton Relay in Trinidad, after she was handed the baton by Port of Spain Mayor Joel Martinez.On Tuesday morning, the Queen’s Baton relay went across to Tobago’s Pigeon Point Heritage Park where school children and parents got a chance to view the Baton first hand. The Queen’s Baton relay is similar to the Olympic Torch Relay. Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Pigeon Point, Tobago.Tuesday May 30th, the Australian High Commissioner to Trinidad and Tobago, Commonwealth Games Federation Regional Vice President for the Caribbean Fortuna Belrose, the Queen’s Baton Relay (QBR) delegation and the Trinidad and Tobago Commonwealth Games Association. Photo Courtesy TTOC #MagneticMediaNews#QueensBatonRelay#GoldCoastGames2018#CommonwealthGames2018last_img read more

Leeds Trinity University launches health and wellbeing programme for staff

first_imgLeeds Trinity University has launched a new health and wellbeing initiative for its 450 academic and support staff.The university has introduced a new online wellbeing portal, Juice, to provide staff with free access to fitness and nutritional advice, information and articles, designed to help employees manage and improve their health and wellbeing. A range of activities are also available.The programme includes regular health checks, tai chi sessions, bootcamp classes and mindfulness sessions, as well as strategies for healthy eating, better sleeping and coping methods for dealing with the colder winter months. Weekly fruit is also provided.In addition, Juice also provides a platform for individuals to showcase hobbies and interests, allowing staff to share information about activities and clubs.Launched in January 2017, Juice will run alongside the university’s existing wellbeing provision, which includes Trinity Fitness, the Chaplaincy and Library Services.John Hawksworth, director of human resources at Leeds Trinity University, said: “It’s important to take a holistic approach to staff wellbeing, which looks beyond the purely physical and visible aspects. To continue delivering the best experience for our students at Leeds Trinity, we remain committed to supporting our staff, whose efforts and contribution are the determining factor for success.“There are lots of activities taking place across our university already, but there hasn’t been one place where staff can go to discover and access those activities; now they can. We’re also really keen for staff members to start new activities; if someone wants to start a book club, there’s no reason why they can’t, and anyone interested will be able to see when and where it’s taking place.”last_img read more

Asteroids impact during the blood moon was equal to a ton of

first_img 12 Photos That spot is near the western limb of the moon, almost on the edge of the part of the satellite that faces Earth. Remarkably, the meteoroid that created the scar was probably no more than 30 to 50 centimeters (1 to 1.6 feet) in diameter, but is estimated to have been traveling around 13.8 kilometers  per second (30,890 mph).The moon’s pock-marked surface indicates it gets pretty regularly battered by little space rocks like this. Fortunately for us, and unlike the moon, Earth is the beneficiary of a relatively thick atmosphere and most smaller rocks burn up when they attempt to penetrate it. Tags 1 NASA turns 60: The space agency has taken humanity farther than anyone else, and it has plans to go further.CNET Magazine: Check out a sample of the stories in CNET’s newsstand edition. Share your voice This still from the Griffith Observatory’s livestream shows the moment of impact. Video screenshot and red circle by Amanda Kooser/CNET On top of the hype around last week’s “super blood wolf moon,” the eclipse was punctuated by an asteroid smacking into the lunar surface at the height of the big event.  Now researchers have analyzed some of the observations of that impact to get a better picture of what exactly created the flash seen across the world.Researchers from Colombia and the Dominican Republic looked at videos taken by amateur astronomers to reconstruct the smash-up. That’s according to a draft of a paper submitted to the journal Icarus and posted on Cornell University’s pre-print server.The researchers estimate the collision generated the same amount of energy as between 0.9 and 1.8 tons of dynamite, leaving behind a crater that could be up to 15 meters (49 feet) across, which “could be detectable by prospecting lunar probes.””The impact happened in the region of the easily identifiable Byrgius crater to the southeast of Mare Humoris,” the paper reads. Comment Sci-Tech Super blood wolf moon lunar eclipse dazzles in striking photos Spacelast_img read more

Middle schoolers join in monitoring for invasives in Petersburg harbor

first_img(KFSK photo)Sixth graders were in Petersburg’s Middle Harbor Thursday morning checking for an invasive species that has shown up on the waterfront not too far away in Sitka. So far there’s no sign yet of the tunicate called D Vex here.Middle school science teacher Alice Cumps leans over the side of a harbor float and pulls up a brick, and PVC plate dangling from the side of the float a couple feet underwater on a rope.“This is a project through the Smithsonian Institute,” Cumps explained. “It’s part of their citizen science program, kind of an outreach organization and I think they’re all up and down the west coast. So we are one of the Alaska spots that’s agreed to participate in this monitoring program, monitoring to look for and hopefully not find invasive tunicates in our local harbors here.”Sixth grader John Bisset explained what the students are pulling up. “It’s a rope, attached to a brick and on the bottom of that brick is a plate where we will hopefully find something interesting,” he said.The students are joining volunteers from Prince Rupert British Columbia out to the Aleutian Islands in keeping an eye out for the marine invertebrate called didemnun vexillim, or D Vex. It resembles a light colored mat or sponge that can spread over the sea floor and also grow on docks and boats and other structures under water. The tunicate found its way to one of Sitka’s harbors, likely more than a decade ago arriving there on some imported oyster farm equipment. This summer the state of Alaska and the Smithsonian started testing methods for killing the tunicate in Sitka.“They’re kind of like an animal that covers things,” said Petersburg middle schooler Kara Newman. “And so they could block out other animals from eating things on the rocks. And it would be really bad for the native food chain.”Newman said she’s learned about how the animal spreads. “I’m pretty sure their home place where they’re originally from is Japan and when they had their tsunami, stuff from Japan that had the tunicates on them was washed out to sea and placed around the world. It’s actually kind of interesting if you look it up about invasive species and how they can get to other places by the ocean and other things. We had a big class about it, invasive species and everything.”Petersburg High School students led by teacher Joni Johnson have been helping with the monitoring effort since 2008. Cumps, who is Johnson’s replacement for science classes in the middle and high school, says the fifth graders got involved with the project last year.“So they deployed these as fifth graders with Mr. Sullivan’s class,” Cumps said. “And we just thought it’d be a neat way for them to follow it with them, since they deployed them, we’ll pick ‘em back up and they get to try to identify them and we’ll take some collection data that actually gets sent back to the institute and becomes part of the national database which is kind of a neat process for them to be involved in.”Cumps said her high school class already retrieved eight plates from South Harbor this year. “We just finished, wrapped up the data collection there and didn’t find anything unusual which was good. Probably I think Mr. Sullivan’s class will deploy another set in the spring. So we’ll let them sit all spring and summer and we’ll pull ‘em up.”The six graders found most of the 10 plates hung in middle harbor this year and carried them in buckets back to the middle school for a closer look.last_img read more

2 men back in custody after escape from Pilot Station jail

first_imgTwo men who escaped from jail in the village of Pilot Station with help from a third man are back in custody.Anchorage television station KTUU reports 19-year-old Thomas Heckman and 22-year-old Dion Joseph were jailed again after escaping late Tuesday night.Alaska State Troopers say 22-year-old Dale Fancyboy at about 11:30 p.m. Tuesday walked into the Pilot Station jail and pointed a shotgun at an unarmed emergency jail guard hired before removing Heckman and Joseph from cells.Two village police officers arrived as the men were leaving the building. Troopers say Fancyboy threatened to shoot them.Community members on Wednesday detained Fancyboy, who faces felony assault and theft charges.Joseph had previously been jailed on warrants. Heckman had been arrested on misdemeanor assault charges.last_img read more

49 Voices Andrew Freed of Anchorage

first_imgThis week we’re hearing from Andrew Freed in Anchorage.  Freed is a UAA student and moved to Alaska 12 years ago from Mississippi.Listen nowAndrew Freed of Anchorage (Photo by Wesley Early, Alaska Public Media – Anchorage)FREED: There was definitely more of a culture shock for me going from Anchorage to Kotzebue than moving from Mississippi up to Anchorage, Alaska.Well, I’ve been to Kotz once and at sometimes you forget that you’re in America. The way the houses are built are different. You know, it’s not like you can go to this large shopping area here and there.They’ve been a people for about… ever. But in the past 200 years they just been trying to integrate them in these school systems. And they’re kind of having you know trouble with that versus “Oh. we’re just coming out here, subsistence living, fishing for you know what we eat and what not.”Anchorage is not what you see on TV when they talk about Alaska. That’s not Anchorage. No. Anchorage is like just another smaller American city.Up here, everybody knows one another. So it’s just like, okay you know this person. Oh, I can already assume with the help of Facebook that we have four or seven people in common that we know. Just off the bat. So whenever I go somewhere, like oh, I’m going to see somebody I know. It’s not a matter of “if”, it’s just “who”, you know.I don’t even count the amounts of different cultures up here in the city and in our community. I mean they all for the most part have some form of representation that’s something we can take from each culture and learn from and you know enjoy. And that’s kinda the joy of having a diverse culture like we have here.There’s definitely something about Alaska in particular Anchorage that’s always going to feel like home. I don’t think I’ll stay here and make this my home base. At least for now. I don’t know what the future holds. But, I’ll definitely be leaving but I think there’s always gonna be a part of me that you know wants to come back here a little bit.last_img read more

Sensex hits all time high for third session market expert says political

first_imgMumbai, March 31 (ANI): The Sensex hits fresh all time high for a third consecutive session on the back of strong dollar inflows and positive neighboring countries. Reacting on the same, Market Expert Sunil Shah said that the political scenario in the country and the expectations from the apparent upcoming NDA government post general elections. Shah said that FII is providing liquidity and a major amount of money is coming out from Russia which is finding its destination in India because of similar expectations by the next government.last_img