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Sports facilities not for use for political campaigns

first_imgThis is to avoid any political campaigns and rallies to be held inside these sporting grounds.Minister for Sports, Justin Tkatchenko says the PNG Sports Foundation Board chairman and management team have made the decision that no government sporting facility will be used for political purposes.“All intending candidate will not be using these facilities for political gain or campaign and that decision is final.”He says once these facilities are used for political campaigns, there will be a lot of rowdy people and rubbish and they can’t afford the facilities to be damaged or misused.“A blanket no-go on all sporting facilities in the country for political purposes as these facilities were built for sports and that’s how we want to keep it,” Tkatchenko said.last_img

The Geta trap: second game with the least game in the history of the Europa League

first_img42:36 – The ball was in play for just 42 minutes & 36 seconds during Getafe – Ajax, the second-shortest amount of time in a Europa League game (since 2009). Patience– OptaJohan (@OptaJohan) February 20, 2020Of course, Ten Hag has a lot of work ahead, because Bordalás spider web caught them from the beginning and they were not able to break it at any time. Once again, Getafe did not triumph from the relentless dominance of the ball but by cornering his opponent, with suffocating pressure, extreme voracity in the field of attack and stopping the game so as not to let his opponent grow. Thus came the goals of Deyverson and Kenedyyes alright Bordalás remains cautious and continues to consider that Ajax is the favorite to pass the tie. The Getafe de Bordalás has given an exhibition at the Alfonso Pérez Coliseum, in what, surely, has been one of his best matches this season. Above all, because the technician’s defensive plan went perfectly, with a single shot embedded throughout the game (none at the door) and a statistic that is already history of the competition. According to the Opta Johan Twitter account, the ball was only in motion for 42 minutes and 36 seconds, in what is already the second lowest record since the competition adopted the new name in the 2010-11 season. In other words, only in one game was less played than in this Getafe-Ajax. All calculated to the millimeter. They will have to change things, since Ajax needs a minimum of two goals to bring the game to extra time. Moreover, if Getafe manages to score, the Dutch will have to celebrate four goals if they want to be in eighths. Striking, of course, given that Ten Hag’s were Champions League semifinalists last season or they were a torment for locals on their travels in Europe. Similarly, this year he won 0-2 at Lilletied for four in Stamford Bridge or won 0-3 in Mestalla. Last campaign, he invaded the Bernabeu (1-4), the Juventus Stadium (1-2) and London (0-1 to Tottenham).It was another era, but Getafe has managed to disable the Ajax offensive to the point that David Soria doesn’t even have to go through the shower. There are 90 minutes left, but Bordalás and his team have already left one of the Europa League matches and a statistic that will last in the record book for years. Ten Hag already said it (“we have fallen into many traps of Getafe“) and confirmed the coach Azulón:”We always believe in what we do and the team played a great game.. We minimize a team with great offensive vocation. They did not generate clear chances for us. “This ‘Geta’ flies.last_img read more

Guyanese need answers on the role of Sittlington in Guyana

first_imgDear Editor,Government’s Advisor Sam Sittlington continues to cement himself in operational matters of the Special Organised Crimes Unit (SOCU). Isn’t it about time that the British High Commissioner comes clean on Sittlington’s role with SOCU? Is he an advisor? Or is he more involved? Are the British taxpayers aware of what their monies are being spent on?Editor, it has been over a year since concerns were publicised about a Government Minister, Khemraj Ramjattan, engaging Sittlington. It was the Minister who let the ‘cat out of the bag’ anyways. He had said, according to the report, that: “The fact (is) that I had some wine with Sam on Wednesday evening (March 8,2017) at Oasis was because I wanted to thank him for the great work he did at SOCU.” This ‘wine-drinking’ happened days after top leaders of the former Government were hauled into SOCU.By now most Guyanese are clear on what the role of SOCU was supposed to be, most Guyanese except those in this current coalition Government, which is strange because it is as if they forgot what they said only four years ago. As a former Leader of the Opposition, David Granger, at a press conference on October 11, 2014, acknowledged that SOCU was assigned “as the investigative arm of the FIU.” Another Cabinet Minister, Carl Greenidge (former Shadow Finance Minister), also in 2014 said: “The FIU, after receiving that report (from its reporting institutions), will now send it off to the SOCU which will operate as its investigative arm.” Editor, many people seemed to have forgotten not only this, but also the questions about what SOCU has been turned into, especially after Guyanese read reports of the deaths of a Guyana Defence Force rank, Robert Pyle and his wife, Stacy Pyle, as well as a truck driver, Linden Eastman, on December 30, 2015. The Guyana Defence Force said the deaths occurred during a legitimate operation in which the Force was supporting the work of SOCU. What work remains the question. Coming back to present happenings – with the controversy surrounding shift in the work of SOCU from the purpose it was set up for, the questionable operations of the Unit under this new Government and the personalities involved – Guyanese need answers on the role of Sittlington in Guyana.What do we know about Sittlington? Other than he was a Police Officer in Ireland, has a company, ‘The Fraud Company, Ltd’ and that he has worked in other third world countries. Is Sittlington the latest ‘consultant/advisor’ using Guyana to bolster his resume? The truth is also that the ambitions of personalities like Sittlington seem to find a happy synergy with the goals of the new APNU/AFC coalition Government – it fits what we heard on the campaign trail about jailing former Government officials. For example, only days ago the newspapers reported that the Attorney General and Legal Affairs Minister Basil Williams berated SOCU and the FIU over their inability to secure convictions. But, as I said earlier, most Guyanese are clear on what the role of SOCU was supposed to be.Because Guyanese know what the role of SOCU is supposed to be, the British High Commissioner must say what exactly is the nature work being done by Sittlington and the Government must justify the current operations of SOCU, particularly since Guyana will be reviewed by CFATF soon and the work of SOCU is linked to that review, with the mandate of SOCU being to support the Financial Intelligence Unit to tackle money laundering.Sincerely,Cedric Lordlast_img read more

BREAKING: 33 is a majority – Chief Justice rules

first_imgActing Chief Justice Roxanne George, SC, moments ago ruled that the No Confidence Resolution was validly passed on December 21, 2018 in the National Assembly after having obtained the requisite majority of all elected members of the House. She noted that in Guyana’s context 33 constitutes to the majority of votes needed to carry the resolution.Chief Justice George said that with the requisite majority obtained then the President and his Ministers cannot remain in Government beyond the three months period within which elections are required to be held in accordance with Article 106 (7) of the Constitution. She also ruled that the Court cannot set aside or nullify a ruling that was valid since the National Assembly did not act unconstitutionally during the December 21, 2018 proceedings.last_img read more

Government has no vision – Jagdeo tells Babu Jaan

first_imgCheddi Jagan’s 22nd death anniversaryThe current Administration, which was given a three-month lease of life following the successful passage of the no-confidence resolution in the National Assembly on December 21, has no vision.This was reiterated by People’s Progressive Party (PPP) General Secretary Bharrat Jagdeo during his address to thousands of PPP supporters at Babu Jaan, Berbice on Sunday as the Party observed the 22nd death anniversary of its founder, Dr Cheddi Jagan.The annual pilgrimage to the memorial site of the former President is attended by Party supporters who have been attending over the past two decades, as Jagdeo outlines how the Party continues to keep Dr Jagan’s policy alive. On Sunday, he did not disappoint them.“Dr Jagan waited for 28 years to return freedom to Guyana. We can return it faster, because people are more educated and their children are educated and also they have more means of combination. They can get involved in the fight using social media and now they are not fearful of this government, so we can all play a part in returning our country to what it was,” Jagdeo stated.Guyana can only progress under the PPP, Jagdeo told the gathering. Even if the coalition Government were to win the soon-to-be-held Regional and General Elections, Jagdeo said Guyana would be thrown into a state of anarchy.“Assuming a miracle happens and they win the elections, do you think Granger would suddenly be invested with a vision for Guyana – a visionless man? Do you think he will leave State House to walk among people? No! Do you think some of them would be less corrupt? In fact, more corrupt. Do you think another term could solve the incompetence in that geriatric cabal? They can’t offer us anything,” he told his supporters.Guyana, he added, can only be managed with a programme and a vision and with younger people working with older people. “That is what the PPP is offering,” he said.Government, he stated, is aware that the PPP will win massively at the next elections.“They use to say at the last elections that they will throw us in jail, well many of them will be in jail in the future because of actual corruption – not rumours of corruption and that is a big fear of theirs. They have two massive fears. One is when they go around the country, they are not getting support. Look at what happened at the last Local Government Elections: right across Guyana, we won more than 60 per cent of the votes. We got 47,000 more votes than APNU [A Partnership for National Unity] and AFC [Alliance For Change] combined. So they are very fearful, because now when they go to people on the ground, they are asking them, ‘“Where were you over the past four years?”’The other fear plaguing Government at this time is that of losing the elections.The Government has nothing to offer, the Party’s General Secretary stated. According to the former Head of State, the PPP has always been on the side of the people.He noted that the right to vote was fought for and won by the PPP in 1953.“We stayed strong through those dark days when democracy was snatched from us and when the Government behaved with impunity and when people were jailed for what they eat and what they said. There was no freedom of expression,” Jagdeo noted.He related that many persons could not eat certain food products without being viewed as a criminal under the Administration that the PPP/Civic took over from in 1992. During that era, many Guyanese fled owing to discrimination and lack of opportunities.“It was the PPP fighting to return democracy again in that period. We led that long struggle and we were patient, but we knew just as we know that you cannot suppress the will of the people for very long. They will ultimately prevail. So, as we won in 1992, in a few months’ time, we will win again and continue to take this country forward,” Jagdeo said while noting that all of the social and economic gains Guyana has realised over the past two decades were now being eroded in less than four years of APNU/AFC rule.Meanwhile, the Party’s Presidential Candidate, Irfaan Ali told the crowd that over the past two months he has been on the ground to hear the plight of the people.“People are losing hope. Whatever party they are from, the story is the same. People are losing hope. Hope is gone because of bad governance and because of poor economic development and programmes in our country,” Ali said.He asked supporters to commit to ensure that the PPP is returned to government and have hope restored to Guyana.Ali pointed out that across Guyana there were problems affecting the populace – from the farmers in Regions Five and Six being affected by paddy bugs to the residents in Region Nine not being able to access essential medical supplies.The current Administration, he added, is placing its focus on the wrong things, he noted.“They give priority in the budget on increased dietary, lavish lifestyles and overseas travel. They should be focusing on restoring the 37,000 jobs lost over the past three years.”On that note, Ali reiterated his promise to reopen the sugar estates when the PPP returned to office under his stewardship.In an address, which was punctuated with relevant quotes from the late Dr Jagan, the Presidential Candidate said the PPP has a track record of being with the people during difficult circumstances.“Democracy is the foundation. We must all commit to the safeguarding of this democracy,” he quoted Dr Jagan from one of his speeches. Ali also spoke of attempts by the coalition Government not to demit office or to call elections which are constitutionally due in 10 days.“It is not about politics: it is about safeguarding democracy ad safeguarding Dr Jagan’s legacy,” he said. “I will be with you on that struggle and we will overcome,” he promised.Prior to the addresses, wreaths were laid at Dr Jagan’s monument. Also addressing the rally were former Prime Minister Samuel Hinds and Women’s Progressive Organisation General Secretary Sheila Veerasammy.last_img read more

Messi to Man City? Pellegrini not surprised by links to Barcelona superstar

first_img Lionel Messi 1 Manuel Pellegrini insists he is not surprised Barcelona hero Lionel Messi is being linked with a move to Manchester City.Messi is apparently unhappy at the Nou Camp and considering a move away in the summer, with City tipped to be at the front of the queue for his services.Pellegrini insists the rumours City are in the running for the Argentina striker are not coming from inside the corridors of power at the Etihad, but he has not shutd own talk of a move for the Argentine superstar.“It is normal to be linked to the best players in the market,” Pellegrini told AS.“Sometimes those rumours emerge from personal interests and not because of the club.“It is important to work at a club that has the ability to buy good players. Here, 20 clubs have the possibility. In Spain I think that there are three, maybe four with Valencia. That’s the big difference.”last_img read more

Kerr over the moon after shutting down Simba

first_imgRight after Jacques Tuyisenge drove the final nail on Simba’s coffin with the second goal, Kerr leaped in joy into the arms of his assistant Zedekiah Otieno smiling ear to ear, his face beaming with glee and shouting for joy.No sooner had he come down from his assistant’s arms than he turned to the VIP dias, punching both arms in the air and screaming at the Simba officials led by Hajji Manara who he had earlier accused of ‘giving Singida United players high fives’ after their semi-final match against Gor.Gor Mahia head coach Dylan Kerr flushes his tyrademark thumbs up before their SportPesa Super Cup final against Tanzania’s Simba on June 10, 2018 at the Afraha Stadium in Nakuru. PHOTO/Timothy Olobulu“It’s all gone now. They told me I wasn’t good enough and today I have proved to them that I am good enough. The team I had in 2015 at Simba was fantastic and I was told I am not good enough. They think this team they have now is good enough. Well, they need to look at themselves in the mirror,” an ecstatic Kerr said after the match.Pre-match, Kerr had said he had nothing to prove to Simba but nonetheless, it was immeasurable joy for the British tactician.He went on to further condemn the Simba leadership having made a decision to sack French coach Pierre Lechantre.“They have sacked the coach that won them the league and that is outrageous,” Kerr said.Lechantre only took charge of the team for their first game against Kariobangi Sharks but wasn’t on the bench in their win over Kakamega Homeboyz and the final against Gor. It was his assistant Massoud Djuma who was in charge of both ties.Gor Mahia head coach Dylan Kerr shares a joke with Simba SC stand-in coach Djuma Massoud before their SportPesa Super Cup final on June 10, 2018 at the Afraha Stadium in Nakuru. PHOTO/Timothy OlobuluCapital Sport has learnt that Lechantre’s contract at the club ends in a week’s time and his comments in praise of Gor Mahia after winning their first match might have irked the Simba management who asked him to step aside.Meanwhile, it meant the world to Kerr getting victory over Simba, a clinical 2-0 performance at a fully packed stadium and his players giving their all on the pitch.“Those players were brilliant. They worked their socks off and they ran miles for this victory,” Kerr later told Capital Sport.Under the drenching Nakuru evening rain, Kerr took a lap of honor around the entire pitch, his t-shirt and pair of shorts dripping with water giving the fans a round of applause as they in turn responded shouting ‘Igweeeee, Igweeee’.Gor Mahia head coach Dylan Kerr joins his players in celebration after winning the SportPesa Super Cup title against Tanzania’s Simba SC on June 10, 2018 at the Afraha Stadium in Nakuru. PHOTO/Timothy Olobulu“It feels amazing to win this title because the players did what we wanted them to do which was go there, play football, enjoy and win that airline ticket. They did that and did it in a brilliant way. It means so much to them to get a chance to go to Everton and play at Goodison Park,” the tactician added.The tactician believes the Super Cup conquest will inject more confidence ahead of their remaining campaigns especially in the CAF Confederations Cup.Gor Mahia are also looking to retain their Kenyan Premier League crown as well as battle for honors in the Football Kenya Federation (FKF) Shield and the CECAFA Senior Challenge Cup.“We are going to get better and get stronger. We are becoming a team now and we have to keep going. These boys are brilliant and they have to believe themselves. Now they need to go to Goodison and show that they are a good team,” added the tactician.0Shares0000(Visited 1 times, 1 visits today) 0Shares0000Gor Mahia head coach Dylan Kerr celebrates with his assistant coach Zedekiah Otieno (left) and Team manager Jolawi Obondo (right) after winning the SportPesa Super Cup on June 10, 2018 at the Afraha Stadium in Nakuru. PHOTO/Timothy OlobuluNAIROBI, Kenya, Jun 10- Sit down, be humble; Those might not be the words that Gor Mahia head coach uttered after beating his former employers Simba SC to the SportPesa Super Cup title on Sunday in Nakuru, but had he spoken otherwise, he wouldn’t have fallen far off those lines.Kerr beamed with ecstasy getting victory over the side that sacked him barely seven months in, and right in front of the very same club officials who according to him thought he wasn’t good enough.last_img read more


first_imgWITH the recent Leaving Cert results there are celebrations and tribulations across Donegal as students chase places at third level college or re-think what they’re going to do next.But here one reader has a different view;Sir, Over the last few years Ireland has changed.Priests are no longer at the centre of life in rural Donegal they way they once were. That’s a good thing.Politicians have fallen from grace; even the bank manager is no longer the the ‘boy’ he thought he was (they were invariably men).But the teacher remains beyond reproach. So that I, as a parent, cannot do anything or say anything about the shocking lack of aptitude displayed by several of them in their so-called teaching of my son.He did ok at Leaving Cert; it’s not the end of the world.But he would have done so much better had four of his teachers given a damn about him or anyone else in his class for that matter.Those who did better went to grinds; it always amazes me to see the pictures in the local rags of teachers/principals alongside their ‘best’ students every year with little or no credit to the grinds teachers whose work was really responsible for the results achieved.And there is never any mention of the large amounts of cash handed over to achieve those results. As taxpayers increasing numbers of us (i.e. parents) are paying TWICE for an education; once to the school and once to the grinds teachers.This is no longer acceptable – and cannot be allowed to continue.It’s time failing teachers (we all know who they are) were drummed out of the classroom once and for all.These people hide behind unions and employment laws so they can – literally – do feck all. Every teacher should be assessed properly; the good ones have nothing to fear.But how long will this annual farce of the Leaving Cert and Junior Cycle results continue in a country supposedly maturing to itself?How long will parents in this country continue to fork out thirty quid an hour to get lessons for their offspring because they aren’t getting a proper education at school?And how long do we have to stand back and allow poor teachers to remain in our classrooms?Yours sincerelyA DADCo Donegal(Name and address supplied)* Got a view? info@donegaldaily.comOPINION: TEACHERS REMAIN THE LAST UNTOUCHED TRIBE IN IRELAND – AND IT’S TIME TO KNOCK THEM OFF THEIR PERCH was last modified: August 19th, 2015 by John2Share this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Tags:bad teachersdonegalIrelandopinionpoor teachingteachersUnionslast_img read more

Judge unsure if New Mills man ‘appreciates seriousness of situation’

first_imgA 54-year-old New Mills man has been advised to seek legal advice after representing himself at court.Seamus Hughes, of Brown Hall, New Mills, was before Letterkenny District Court on a number of charges arising out of an alleged incident on 16 October, 2016 at Main Street, Letterkenny. Hughes is charged with refusing arrest, failing to remain at the scene of an accident, failing to atop at an accident, failing to report an accident and failing to give appropriate information.Hughes addressed the court himself.However, Judge Paul Kelly, adjourning the matter to October 18, 2018 for hearing, advised Hughes to obtain legal advice.“I’m not sure you appreciate the seriousness of the situation that you’re in,” Judge Kelly said.“You would benefit from legal advice and I have told you this before. You may not be doing yourself any favours doing it without professional advice.”Judge unsure if New Mills man ‘appreciates seriousness of situation’ was last modified: April 14th, 2018 by Staff WriterShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:Judge Paul KellyletterkennyLetterkenny District CourtNEW MILLSSEAMUS HUGHESlast_img read more

Matt Barnes, Stephen Jackson: Warriors will sorely miss Klay Thompson

first_imgMatt Barnes and Stephen Jackson, teammates on the beloved “We Believe” Warriors, are convinced that their former squad will desperately miss Klay Thompson through the first half of the season.“I love Steph (Curry) … But that team is a different team without Klay Thompson,” Jackson says of the Golden State shooting guard who will miss at least half of the season with a knee injury. “I’m sorry. People underrate Klay Thompson, don’t speak about him enough, don’t give him his props … Without Klay, …last_img