Month: May 2020

Felipe leaps in defense

first_imgFelipe enjoyed his first title on the fifth day of the League, against Celta, after having played just one minute in Butarque during the first five official matches of the team (four in the League and one in the Champions). But before the celestial ones it has already begun to demonstrate the kind of power station that it is, very safe to the cut, splendid above, where the marker almost opens, and with good ball output. From that great first day, Simeone began to alternate his appearances to give rest to Savic and Giménez, forming a couple with the Montenegrin in Mallorca and with the Uruguayan before Celta and Lokomotiv. Savic returned from the international stop in October with a muscle injury, something that opened the doors of the eleven completely to Felipe. A match later would fall in the infirmary Giménez, leaving Felipe as the leader behind, a role that with the maturity that his 30 years give him has taken on wonderfully. Together with Hermoso, he formed a great pair, and more taking into account that with Trippier and Lodi on the sides they formed a completely new behind. In total, and supported by his great physical performance (without injuries in four seasons), Felipe has completed Atlético’s last 17 games, 1560 consecutive minutes taking into account that in the final of the Spanish Super Cup against Real Madrid there was an extension. In the derby, the Brazilian was once again one of the great highlights of Atlético, completing 14 clearances before the constant centers of white players (seven more than Ramos, the second most in the game and eight more than Trippier, the next athletic). Before the whites his partner for much of the game was Giménez, so he stood in his natural profile, the right. In the semifinals against Barcelona played with Savic, standing on the left and excelling again. Now Simeone, hoping that Giménez did not suffer any injuries in the final, will be able to count on his four healthy centers to play against Eibar. Beautiful has lost weight with the return of his teammates, remaining without a minute in the Super Cup, but Felipe is not willing to give up the gap he has occupied so well in the last three months. The Cholo made it clear in the tournament played in Arabia that today the Brazilian is untouchable, although Giménez and Savic have been reluctant. With all of them at the highest level, it seems that the doubt is now who will be Felipe’s partner, since so far it has become the great signing of the season. Felipe Monteiro The season began as the fourth quarter of Atlético, but right now it is the great highlight of the rojiblanca defense. Savic and Giménez left as the starting defenders and Hermoso had become his advanced student during the preseason. The Brazilian, who in the first physical pre-season test in Majadahonda was knocked out the first, was having a hard time adapting to Simeone’s schemes and despite Giménez’s absence from the Copa América, he saw how Savic and Hermoso formed the Cholo couple on the American tour. last_img read more

Messi is playing with leg discomfort, according to ESPN

first_imgAccording to ESPN, Leo Messi has played the last games with discomfort in his left leg. In fact, the player could be seen touching that area in the match against Levante, although so far it had not transpired that he was touched. In principle, he will be able to play in Bilbao, but the Argentine shows symptoms of fatigue. At 32, it’s not just the parties that weigh. Also the amount of responsibility you are having to assume in all matches. Messi intervened in the five goals against Leganés and both against Levante in the last two games. And he put everything in the losses against Atlético in Jeddah and Valencia in the League. Perhaps those inconveniences have weighed him in the success against the goal. In the last two league games he shot 19 goals and did not score. The inconvenience of Messi, in the left leg, they have nothing to do with the injury he suffered in the soleus of the right leg at the beginning of the season and that took him a couple of months out of combat. Without Luis Suarez and, to a lesser extent, due to his poor performance, without Dembélé, Messi’s loss would have almost dramatic consequences for Barça.last_img read more

Atlético food-conjuration

first_imgOn a day that dawned with good news for Atlético: Diego Costa had returned to training. The Hispanic-Brazilian is the hope in the goal and against Liverpool of Atletico. His claw, his strength, as it happened a year ago in the first leg of the round of Juventus, the entrance of the Lizard it turned everything into wind in favor, I catch the Italian team against it, the rojiblancos won 2-0 although after everything disappeared in Turin, losing 3-0. A maroon bus was waiting for the exit of Cerro del Espino, Majadahonda, to the red and white squad once the training is finished. A training ‘strangely’ early riser, that Simeone is a man of customs and in a winter the time of the sessions is from 11:00. But today everyone had an appointment at the end of work in the sports city. Miguel Ángel Gil Marín had invited to eat a coaching staff and staff in one of the farms of the rojiblanco CEO. Food of fellowship, of strengthening ties, food of making pineapple. Liverpool is 13 days and much of the season goes through that game. The results in the last month do not just accompany, the rojiblanco team has not won in LaLiga for a month, and there is nothing that drives more than pineapples. The team has conjured up to face what is coming. All in one. As before many times, before facing a big challenge. last_img read more

Valentine: 10 images with which every single person feels identified

first_imgValentine’s Day is a memes center for singlesSingles give a touch of humor to Valentine Valentine’s Day is one of the most anticipated days for those couples in love. People from different parts of the world show how much they love their better half with gifts, romantic getaways and even offering the most elaborate details. While this day is full of love for couples, there is another face of society that cannot celebrate this party as it deserves.With Valentine’s Day getting closer, it seems that couples are the only protagonists. However, thanks to social networks, we know that singles have a lot to say about Valentine’s Day. Not being able to celebrate this day in a big way may seem sad, but far from that, more and more people take it with real humor.Being single on Valentine’s Day is nothing serious. Moreover, it is one of the best moments of the year for humor. The ingenuity does not stop this day of the year and being single is one of the key points to create endless fun memes.Your third saved photo is how you are going to spend San Valentin– expired petisuis (@petisuiscaducao) January 30, 2020This February 14 I will be all and only yours @NetflixLAT. Do your part. Thank you. #Valentine’s Day– ???? LaLocadelosGifs ?????????????? (@Atilejos) January 31, 2020Valentine’s Day is coming and you can repeat last year’s plan– Master Geek (@Frikimaestro) January 28, 2020 Image: iStockcenter_img Speakers “Boyfriend hug”.I don’t say anything, but Valentine is just around the corner.– Ma_Rhea (@Ma_Rhea_) January 31, 2020I receiving love messages on Valentine #LaIslaDeLasTentaciones7– Isomaeru (@Timainas_) January 30, 2020People on Valentine’s Day // Me on Valentine’s Day: # OTDirecto31E– Ewilan (@PaulaFigueirido) January 31, 2020This Valentine falls in solitary soto– daniMcfly :): (@ eltornado81) January 29, 2020You will spend Valentine alone He went ???? (@MiroMontes) January 30, 202032) What do you think of San Valentin? ????I like it. Although I am in favor of demonstrating love on a daily basis, why not have a special day?– Maeve ???? (@SimsMaeve) January 31, 2020Me on Valentine’s Day while all couples upload nice photos– Rodrigo? (@ Rodrigo_rd8) January 29, 2020Seriously there are people who celebrate Valentine ???– Gi (@Rulicienta_) January 31, 2020last_img read more

The Geta trap: second game with the least game in the history of the Europa League

first_img42:36 – The ball was in play for just 42 minutes & 36 seconds during Getafe – Ajax, the second-shortest amount of time in a Europa League game (since 2009). Patience– OptaJohan (@OptaJohan) February 20, 2020Of course, Ten Hag has a lot of work ahead, because Bordalás spider web caught them from the beginning and they were not able to break it at any time. Once again, Getafe did not triumph from the relentless dominance of the ball but by cornering his opponent, with suffocating pressure, extreme voracity in the field of attack and stopping the game so as not to let his opponent grow. Thus came the goals of Deyverson and Kenedyyes alright Bordalás remains cautious and continues to consider that Ajax is the favorite to pass the tie. The Getafe de Bordalás has given an exhibition at the Alfonso Pérez Coliseum, in what, surely, has been one of his best matches this season. Above all, because the technician’s defensive plan went perfectly, with a single shot embedded throughout the game (none at the door) and a statistic that is already history of the competition. According to the Opta Johan Twitter account, the ball was only in motion for 42 minutes and 36 seconds, in what is already the second lowest record since the competition adopted the new name in the 2010-11 season. In other words, only in one game was less played than in this Getafe-Ajax. All calculated to the millimeter. They will have to change things, since Ajax needs a minimum of two goals to bring the game to extra time. Moreover, if Getafe manages to score, the Dutch will have to celebrate four goals if they want to be in eighths. Striking, of course, given that Ten Hag’s were Champions League semifinalists last season or they were a torment for locals on their travels in Europe. Similarly, this year he won 0-2 at Lilletied for four in Stamford Bridge or won 0-3 in Mestalla. Last campaign, he invaded the Bernabeu (1-4), the Juventus Stadium (1-2) and London (0-1 to Tottenham).It was another era, but Getafe has managed to disable the Ajax offensive to the point that David Soria doesn’t even have to go through the shower. There are 90 minutes left, but Bordalás and his team have already left one of the Europa League matches and a statistic that will last in the record book for years. Ten Hag already said it (“we have fallen into many traps of Getafe“) and confirmed the coach Azulón:”We always believe in what we do and the team played a great game.. We minimize a team with great offensive vocation. They did not generate clear chances for us. “This ‘Geta’ flies.last_img read more

“Messi is the only one who can make a difference in the Classic”

first_imgJuan Antonio Pizzi (7-6-1968) played two seasons at Barça and lived the first global Classics, which faced Madrid’s Roberto Carlos, Suker, Seedorf and Mijatovic against Barça de Ronaldo, Figo or Giovanni. Pizzi’s memory, however, is inevitably associated with the goal he made to Atlético. “They still pay me for meals in Barcelona. That’s for 5-4, they tell me.” In his already extensive, vibrant and fruitful career as a coach, he has the tremendous merit of being a winner of the Copa América with the Chile of Arturo Vidal, current Barça player. Pizzi chatted with AS.-Why about Lizard? -That was born in Tenerife. There was a cartoon that was Lizard Juancho. They told me Juanchi and there was a journalist who used the Lizard thing. And there he stayed.-What did it mean for you to play a Classic?-The Madrid-Barça derby is the most transcendent game that can be played worldwide.-Use derby, not Classic. Out of respect for the Boca River Superclassic?-It’s a matter of terminology. The important thing is the importance it has. Playing those games is indelible and that game is increasingly seen in South America. In part, of course, thanks to Messi.-You did not score in a Classic, but in the Bernabéu.-Yes. In the Cup final. Betis came very well, very well. And it was 2-1 up. Then Pep got a good center and I finished it off. We were able to go to extra time and lift the Cup.-But his most famous goal in that Cup was not that of the final.-That goal (5-4 at Atlético de Madrid in one of the most famous comebacks in the history of the Cup) meant a lot of things. More than 20 years have passed and they still pay me meals in Barcelona. I’m eating in a restaurant, I ask for the bill and they tell me: you don’t pay today. This is for 5-4. I think that sometimes one is not aware of the dimension of football and, in this particular case, the joy that I could give people. I will always be grateful to the people of Barcelona for their treatment.-Let’s go to the Classic. From your current prism, which is no longer a player but a coach, how do you see it?-I think that Barça has been changing its historical style in recent months, but I think that against Madrid will not happen. It seems to me that Barça will have a lot of ball circulation, that it will set the tone in the game and that Madrid will be doomed to tow. The European defeat I think can also be an important factor. It has been a hard stick. It is an important blow for Madrid. I see a Barça that arrives more strengthened, who has an emotional advantage and who has the only player who can make a difference in the match, Messi. LaLiga Santander* Data updated as of February 28, 2020center_img – Do you think that Barça should play a game with four midfielders?I am not nomenclatures. That is clichés of journalists, and also of us coaches. Today, the systems are elastic, like the versatility of the players. I have seen laterals play with the Barça el Clásico. What I do believe in is the numerical part. And Barça’s style is more adapted to people who come by surprise, so I think it will use one more player in the center.-Well, if he plays with four midfielders, Braithwaite will not start. He has arrived at Barça with a revulsive role, basically the one you had that he had. What should Braithwaite do in your opinion, to be useful to Barça and win over people as revulsive?– Humble and intelligent. Humble to know that he arrives at a top-level club with tremendous players and that he has to play his role. And smart to know that he does not compete with anyone, but should take advantage of his minutes.-How did you do it to be Ronaldo’s revulsive?First, knowing that I was not Ronaldo’s revulsive, but his partner. I had 15 or 20 minutes to visualize what I could do to revolutionize the game. For that I needed my colleagues to trust me. And that was done by convincing them with actions that you did not seek your good but that of the team. It was interesting. In the end, that affected the good of the team and mine, because if I was able to give the team what it demanded, I played the next game more.-I wanted to ask about Vidal. You directed him as a coach of Chile. Here in Barcelona he is a discussed player. How would you defend it?– It seems unnecessary to defend him. He does not need it. And it is clear that, for all that he does, he is an indispensable footballer. He is a born winner and deserves to be considered as such. He is a player that perfectly complements other players with another style in Barça.-What would you give to lead a Classic as a coach?They are matches with little access for coaches. It is difficult to be in Madrid or Barça. That’s why I ask Zidane and Setién to enjoy it.– That Setién was appointed coach of Barça without having directed any great motivates him?-I see it as an opportunity presented to him. His career as a coach, his style and philosophy of play, enable him to be in Barça.-I just finished with a curiosity. You, in 1996, in the Sánchez Pizjuán Bobby Robson made him enter the field as revulsive. However, Barça stayed with ten, had to remove a striker and took away from you instead of Ronaldo. You threw in a towel and a good mess could form. After the game, Robson said: “I had to remove a striker, Pizzi or Ronaldo. My choice was Pizzi.” Now that you are a coach, do you regret that?-I remember perfectly. I still regret that action. Sometimes it is difficult to control that mood and frustration. I try that the soccer players understand that and that they put themselves in that situation but it is not simple.– Has it happened to him like technician?That way. If it happened to me, I would have to find some solution to twitch my footballer as little as possible.last_img read more

Rubiales candidate in Castilla-La Mancha retires

first_imgThis is the statement José Fernando Hidalgo has shared on Twitter:“I want to announce that I will not present my candidacy for the presidential elections of the Castilla La Mancha Football Federation for whatever reasons we have exposed to the Sports Justice Committee of the Community Board, in order to annul the procedure and compel its repetition in conditions of equity. There are many people involved in Castilian-La Mancha football who share my vision that this Federation needs the regeneration of its estates and the replacement of the people who have run it for almost thirty years.During these dates of intense work, I have been able to perceive that this process of change that has begun is unstoppable, which encourages me to think that we have done a great job. I thank those wonderful people, men and women, who are the true livelihood of amateur and in-formation football within our territorial federation, and who I am sure will not allow the prevailing lack of transparency to prevail during these long years. To all of them, my consideration, support and affection. “Twitter ‘); return false; “class =” item-multimedia “>Statement from José Fernando Hidalgo in which he renounces to stand for election to the Castilla La Mancha Football Federation.Twitter The presidential elections to the Royal Spanish Football Federation will be next June, once Luis Rubiales will resign at the end of March so that I begin the electoral process in which He will face Iker Casillas. The vote, if no one withdraws, will be on June 8 or 17 depending on whether there are resources or not. However, before all this, many events have to take place in the Territorial Federations, where elections have to be held in all levels and in the presidencies to confirm the 140-member General Assembly that will finally elect the boss in Spanish football. As well, while last week José Ángel Peláez was re-elected president of the Cantabrian, to the applause of Rubiales, unanimously (he had no rival), the next president to take office will be Castilla-La Mancha. There is already a winner.This morning José Fernando Hidalgo, Rubiales candidate in this region, has announced that he withdraws his candidacy by denouncing various irregularities in the electoral process that he brought to the attention of the Sports Justice Committee of the Community Board. In this way, Pablo Burillo will be appointed president at the end of March and he will succeed Antonio Escribano in the presidency after almost twenty years in office. Your opponent’s resources have not prospered.Burillo was secretary general of Escribano and now, when he takes office, he wants to completely renew a peculiar Federation, since on several occasions he has supported the losing candidate in the RFEF elections. Escribano once supported Gerardo González against Villar and then Larrea against Rubiales. Burillo wants to distance himself from those who place him next to the candidacy of Iker Casillas (“I am neutral”), although the exguardameta says the opposite in the meetings he is holding to gain supporters and show muscle: he assures that Castilla-La Mancha is one of the four Territorials that are on his side. In all of them, sooner or later, there will have to be primaries as it is the Olympic year and both Rubiales and Casillas are trying hard to place their trusted people in them.last_img read more

Atlético turns to help in the COVID-19 crisis

first_imgThanks to the Foundation @Atleti for its very important contribution to health in Madrid. Its president Enrique Cerezo has sent us this and a campaign of donations from its partners and players. Thank you!– Isabel Díaz Ayuso (@IdiazAyuso) March 25, 2020Thanks from Isabel Díaz AyusoThe President of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, wanted to take advantage of her account Twitter to thank Atlético for their contribution. “Thanks to the @Atleti Foundation for their very important contribution to health in Madrid. Its president Enrique Cerezo has sent us this and a campaign of donations from its partners and players. Thank you!”. Atlético urges all its collectives and its entire social mass to help as much as possible to buy all the sanitary material to help in the area of ​​Spain most affected by COVID-19, which is the Community of Madrid. One hundred percent of the donations will go directly to the Red Cross account to help the Madrid community.Beyond the financial contribution that the club has made to the project, the players and other members of the club endorse the action and unite to support the campaign of Simeone, the Foundation and the Red Cross to raise funds to buy medical supplies for the Madrid’s community. Atlético turns to COVID-19. The Madrid club knows the difficulties that Spain is going through and wants to take advantage of all the strength it has as an institution to help others. Atlético is enhancing all its efforts through the campaign that Simeone is performing with the Red Cross.#LODAMOS TODO is the rojiblanco coach’s campaign and the club understands that the Red Cross is the best organization to channel all aid. Atlético has made an important financial donation and is going to pour all its energy in promoting the benefits of this campaign through their social networks.center_img CCC 00491892672910379703 / I.B.A.N ES8800491892672910379703 / BIC BSCHESMM HOLDER OF THE SPANISH RED CROSS ACCOUNT.Atlético will carry out promotional messages for the campaign across all levels of the club: first-team players, Feminine, Academy, managers, legends … for Atlético fans and citizens in general to join. In the Wanda Metropolitano, without going any further, there will be images related to this campaign.last_img read more

21st Century Cracks: Casas, Malaga’s ‘mini Puyol’

first_imgIn recent years it has become commonplace to see extremes converted into laterals over the years. However, Ismael Casas (Linares, Jaén, 2001) has followed a different path until he managed to reach the Malaga first team: He started as a central defender to finish as a winger and be the greatest promise in his position that the Blue and Whites’ youth team has given in recent years. At only 18 years old, he made a place for himself in the first team this season, with which he has already played seven games. The economic difficulties forced to bet on the talent of home and Ismael has been one of those who has known how to take advantage of the opportunity. From a young age he stood out for being a race footballer, that’s why they nicknamed it ‘mini Puyol’ in the beginning. His dedication and pride reminded the former Barcelona player. His first steps, in the Persianas Paceras (from 6 to 8 years old) he took as central. Then he went to San José CF (from 8 to 10) and from there to CD Almidas in his native Linares before enter the Malaga quarry with 12 years.He was always ahead of his age and that caused that last year, at just 17 years old, he was already a fixture at Atlético Malagueño who could not keep the category in Segunda B: played 25 matches. That bitter experience helped him grow even more as a footballer and that allowed him to be mature enough to make the leap to the first team this season despite the fact that he is still at a young age.In the Spanish National Team they have not overlooked his talent and he is indisputable in the U19 directed by Santi Denia. When the football of lower categories returns he will be one of those who defend the title won in Armenia by La Rojita last summer …last_img read more

Nadal opens with victory at the Mutua Madrid Open Virtual

first_imgThe Mutua Madrid Open can’t be performed in 2020 resulting from the coronavirus pandemic. The organizers are already excited about 2021, however for this yr that they had a curious and solidary initiative. This Monday commented the Mutua Madrid Open Virtual, which brings collectively 15 of the finest tennis gamers on the ATP circuit and 16 of the WTA. David Ferrer and Diego Schwartzman had been in command of beginning the competitors. The Argentine received. Then it was time for Carla Suárez and Belinda Bencic. The Swiss received.On the third shift of the day got here into play Rafa Nadal, who confronted Denis Shapovalov. The Canadian, 21, is a acknowledged gamer, however Nadal was capable of beat him in the tiebreaker. Spanish was “from much less to extra”. “Though inside my present degree on this recreation. I did what I may. I don’t know if it went very nicely, higher than him for certain“Nadal joked after the recreation with the commentators in Spanish. Afterwards, Nadal turned critical and spoke about the social background of the match. The ATP winner and the WTA winner will donate the prize to one among the gamers who aren’t amongst the finest in the world. These tennis gamers are going by troublesome conditions since they haven’t competed for at least two months, one thing that Rafa didn’t neglect. “In these occasions all assistance is little. It can be crucial and noteworthy to thank everybody who has gone out of their method for his or her work. That is one other initiative to contribute our grain of sand“he concluded.last_img read more