Month: December 2020

Young musicians hit their note at winter recital

first_img“We had one recital in the spring for our students and that was at our house,” Parker said. “Now I have a little more students so it was a little too big for our house. We had a friend who works here at the church and she said it would be a great space to have the recital.” “For this winter recital, the students got to pick their own music,” said Jesse Parker, the owner of A Note of Elegance. “I like it, I like seeing what they’re going to decide.” This was the first time Parker had used the church as a recital spot, a step up from where she and her students performed prior. “The most important thing is that they’re having fun with their music,” Parker said. “Even if we don’t always make progress every single lesson in terms of being more in tune, they’re having fun and doing something that they love, and the progress is over a longer period of time. I just want to make sure they’re in a great environment.” Parker told 12 News her class has some younger students, some of which who have never played an instrument before, but that she likes to keeping the learning process in a positive tune to make sure everyone hits the right note. “It means a lot that there was support from the community and that a lot of families wanted to come,” Parker said.center_img The performance featured dozens of students, with each of them playing songs they chose themselves. So with the church full of family and friends supporting her students, Parker was all smiles. BINGHAMTON (WBNG) – Music was resonating throughout the United Presbyterian Church in Binghamton on Sunday, as A Note of Elegance held its first ever Winter recital. A Note of Elegance will be hosting their next recital in June.last_img read more

Stores inside the Oakdale Mall adapt to curbside pickup

first_img“We’re just working on the guidelines to make sure our customers are safe and we’re safe when we do open,” said Williams. Malo says his business took a hit even before the store closed because sports were put on hold. Now being able to connect with his customers, Malo is grateful although curbside pickup isn’t ideal. “Now that we are able to start getting in there to help alleviate some of the pain, but whenever you take what you’re doing everyday and take it away in an instant, it’s certainly a big change,” said Pro Image Sports owner Andrew Malo. There is one specific pickup location where customers can go to pickup orders, but they must stay in their cars and wear a mask. Meanwhile, Shops of 607 is located right inside the pickup point and says things have been going smoothly. “We’re a little bit unlucky because we’re at the opposite end of the mall with our location. So curbside isn’t the most convenient for us but it’s at least something to get started,” said Malo. JOHNSON CITY (WBNG) — Although the Oakdale Mall is still closed, some of its stores fit the criteria to reopen during phase one and offer curbside pickup. “Our sales were already down because no sports, no driving the man, no hot players, nobody going off 50 points or anything like that. That helps drive the market,” he said. It’s still unclear when the Oakdale Mall will open to the public, but according to a video posted on its Facebook page, it will provide more information once it’s available. But both stores say they look forward to having customers in the store. “It’s very convenient for us to just pop out, get them their item, and exchange the payment,” said co-owner Abigail Williams. “I’m just praying, hoping to get back to as normal as possible by the shopping season, by Black Friday and Christmas. Because if we can’t get to normal by then, if the NFL doesn’t start, that’s where the pain really hurts,” said Malo. If you’re looking to put in an order for curbside pickup at Shops of 607 or Pro Image Sports, you can contact both stores on Facebook. Stores in the mall are breathing a sigh of relief, after what’s been a tough few weeks.last_img read more

Laser tag league hits the Southern Tier

first_imgThe league allows squads of four to compete against one another, and based off of performances, items like phasers, shields, armor and more can be upgraded, similar to a video game. “I’m a teacher, I’m a DJ, I run a photo booth, I get an absolute kick out of people having a good time. It’s just what I do,” Loveland said. “This is my hobby work. This isn’t something I’m going to buy a massive house with. I love this. I love having fun with people.” A laser tag league, which is held at the turf fields at the Greater Binghamton Sports Complex, has made its way to Broome County, courtesy of Jonathan Loveland, who runs Entertainment Royale, LLC. Additionally, the styles of competition can change weekly. The self-proclaimed laser commissioner, Loveland isn’t new to the game’s world, having owned gear for the last few years. “There’s been nothing like it this in the area,” Loveland said. “You need to be able to get out once a week, practice, play, have fun, run around, and enjoy a sport that’s not only social-distanced, but doesn’t require five, 10 years of prior experience to be successful.” But for Loveland, laser tag isn’t for profit, it’s for fun. Loveland and the league ask that players maintain social distance, and requires all participants to wear masks to help slow the spread of the coronavirus. “Every week we do something different, we have different objectives to accomplish. We really just keep people on their toes and keep the networking happening,” Loveland said. TOWN OF UNION (WBNG) — As sports around New York State and the country are making a slow return, a new league is sprouting up in our area. The league runs for six weeks and costs $65 per player. To get more information, click here.last_img read more

Oakdale Mall to open Friday after delay

first_imgThe mall will be open from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Saturday and noon to 6 p.m. on Sunday. JOHNSON CITY (WBNG) — The Oakdale Mall says it will open its doors to shoppers on Friday. The announcement was made on the mall’s official Facebook page Wednesday morning. Originally, the mall said it was going to open on July 20. However, due to difficulty getting air filters, it had to push back its reopening. Governor Andrew Cuomo mandated that malls could only open if they had an advanced HVAC filtration system.last_img

Xcite turns Oakdale Mall parking lot into a drive-in wrestling venue

first_imgXcite wrestling has been operating out of the Oakdale Mall since December but organizers had to get special permits to move the ring out to the parking lot. Xcite wrestling held the drive-in event in the Oakdale Mall parking lot. It’s currently the only wrestling event given the okay by the New York State Athletic Commission. The ring was built in the middle of the parking lot with cars gathered around to watch. JOHNSON CITY (WBNG) — What organizers say is the first authorized professional wrestling event in New York State in five months took place in Johnson City Saturday. last_img