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CVPS seeks 4.46 percent rate increase in 2008

first_img“Our increased costs relatein part to changes in wholesale power market prices and transmission costs,”President Bob Young said.  “We arealso spending more on customer service and reliabilityimprovements.” CVPS seeks 4.46 percent rate increase in2008RUTLAND, Vt. – Driven largely by increased transmissionand power costs and reliability improvements, Central Vermont Public Service(NYSE-CV) today filed for a 4.46 percent rate increase to take effect nextFebruary. May 15, 2007 “Our stable, long-termpower contracts have to a great degree protected our customers from risingenergy costs over the past several years,” Young said.  “Recently, however, we have experienceda decline in the prices we receive from the sale of our excess energy into thewholesale market.  That has resultedin a net increase in our overall power costs.” CVPS rates have increasedat about one-sixth the rate of inflation in the past eight years, with just ahandful of small increases and decreases in that time. Overall, current ratesare just 3.5 percent higher than in 1999. The consumer price index has risen 21 percent, while the CPI for energyhas risen 85 percent in the same time period.  “Even with this request, our rates willremain very low compared to major utilities in New England,” Young said. “Alternative regulation canimprove financial stability, ensure funding for customer service and reliabilityimprovements, and increase transparency and accountability to our customers,”Young said. Under theproposed change, a residential customerusing 500 kilowatt-hours per month would see an increase from $71.46 to $74.65.Similar customers elsewhere in New England pay over $100. Young said the companyincreased its capital budget, largely for reliability improvements, from $18million in 2006 to $26 million in 2007, and expects to maintain the higherspending in coming years.  “That iscritical to providing customers the reliability and service restoration levelsthey have come to expect,” Young said. CVPS today also formallynotified the Vermont Public Service Board that it hopes to file an alternativeregulation plan in the near future. The company has been talking with the Vermont Department of PublicService and others about the plan. It will include mechanisms and incentives to encourage further costcontrols and efficiencies. last_img read more

Give Me Snow

first_imgDude. This weather is killing me. More specifically, it’s killing Whiskey Wednesday. Several days of balmy 60-degree weather and the powder at Breckenwolf has been decimated. It’s the same story at most of the resorts in North Carolina. Don’t look at the slopeside webcams. The images are just depressing. Fortunately, we have a contingency plan for when conditions are not conducive to skiing. Whiskey Wednesday must go on, even if there is no snow. So this week, our mid-week reprieve from responsibility involved the climbing gym and some light Ping Pong. By “light,” I mean we battled to the death in a round-robin style tournament until there was a single winner. As they say in Highlander, “there can be only one.” Unfortunately, I wasn’t the last man standing, which is tough for me to handle because I take Ping Pong very seriously. It is an ancient art. The sport of kings. The maker of men.Apparently, we took the pong competition a little too seriously because the bartender took away all of our paddles and cut us off at the bar. Something about a grown man doing a victory lap after a heated match that involved rolling around on the ping pong table like a happy baby. I don’t know. The details are fuzzy.Would I rather be skiing? Sure. But the truth is, Whiskey Wednesday isn’t really about the skiing. It’s about the dudes I get to go skiing with. Because even if we’re sitting around a bar talking about the nuances of hatchet throwing or getting kicked out of divey Ping Pong bars, Whiskey Wednesday is still the greatest night of the week. As one of the founding members of WW is quick to say: “team work makes the dream work.”Which brings me to the beer: Stone’s Give Me Stout Or Give Me Death, which is a collaboration beer brewed with Ardent Craft Ales and Hardywood Park Brewery, both based in Richmond, Virginia. Stone has opened their own Richmond brewery and is making a point to be a good neighbor in a variety of ways, including by making this damn good beer. Give Me has all of the typical stout notes you want—a bit of roasted character and even a little chocolate too before a bitter finish—but also hints of jam thanks to the addition of local blackberries and raspberries.It’s a hell of a beer, brewed amongst friends and meant to be shared with friends. Perhaps on a Wednesday night. Even if there’s no skiing.last_img read more

Central American police partner with the FBI to fight MS-13 and M-18 gangs

first_img Each of the countries participating in the training with the FBI has different challenges when it comes to gangs. For example, since 2011, Costa Rican authorities have seen a steady increase in gang activity. Authorities in Costa Rica must remain vigilant, because the gang problem there could get worse if the gangs in that country continue to grow, Rodríguez said. There is no significant gang violence in Belize. However, that country is used by transnational criminal organizations as a strategic drug transshipment point to the Caribbean, according to Rodríguez. Since 2010, Panamanian authorities have noted an increase in gangs transporting drugs through the Gulf of Uribe for transferring drugs. “The challenge for authorities is to work together in prevention from a social standpoint,” Rodriguez said. Cooperation is crucial in the fight against gangs and the international drug cartels they partner with, according to an FBI statement. “We can only be successful in the fight against transnational gangs if we work together,” the FBI states on FBI.gov. THE FACT ALONE OF FIGHTING CRIMINAL GROUPS WHO GO AGAINST EVERYDAY CITIZENS’ CIVIL RIGHTS IS COMMENDABLE. THE GANGS NEED TO BE FOUGHT BECAUSE THEY ARE GROUPS THAT DON’T BRING ANY SOCIAL BENEFIT, CONTRARY TO GOOD HABITS, THEY ARE THE FOCUS OF DRUGS AND OTHER CRIMES. WE HAVE TO PUT AN END TO THE GANGS. WELL, LONGITUDINAL MAPPING CAN ALSO BE DONE BECAUSE THIS KIND OF PEOPLE WHO ORGANIZE TO ACQUIRE TERRITORY AND TERRORIZE CIVILIANS. WHO WE DON’T PUT AWAY AT ALL WE COULD GO AFTER CRIME AND APPLY THE LAWS TO THEM AS CRIMINAL TERRORISTS WHO KNOW OR ARE SAFER IN PRISON BECAUSE THEY KNOW THEY’VE GOT SECURITY 24 HOURS A DAY AND THEY KNOW THEY DON’T HAVE TO PAY FOR WATER, ELECTRICITY AND THEY HAVE THREE SQUARE MEALS A DAY AND THEY KILL PEOPLE WITH NO REMORSE SO MANY INNOCENT PEOPLE. WE COULD MAKE THIS KIND OF LAZY PERSON WORK THE LAND OR BRING THEM OUT TO CLEAN THE STREETS AND THE PARKS, DON’T LOOK OUT FOR THEM ANY MORE THEY HAVE LOST ALL THEIR RIGHTS AS CITIZENS, LET’S PUT OUR HANDS WHERE OUR CONSCIENCE LIES, THE PEOPLE WOULD BE VERY GRATEFUL IF YOU RESCUE OUR NATION. If I could help with this at all, I would do so happily to support you. All they do is talk I agree that the FBI and the CIA should be concerned about dissolving the gangs but I think it’s better to deal with the roots of the problem such as the home, places of study, the Government and the law. In our country women give birth before they’ve come of age and they can’t teach a child much, therefore the child starts to fall behind, then the laws prohibit punishing children, the place of study doesn’t teach the child to manage his life. The Government doesn’t have any psychological help programs for the child, or material support. In other words there is no financial help, there is no work, and also there’s the deluge of Hollywood movies that corrupt the child’s mind. Therefore, gentlemen, who’s fault is it that there are gangs and who do we need to punish? I leave this answer to your own judgment. I have attended several gang related trainings but the issue isn’t knowledge. Rather it’s applying the laws in our country (El Salvador) no matter how knowledgeable you are it doesn’t matter until the people in charge of creating laws understand that belonging to these groups has to be a crime and the law really has to be applied because it’s not worth anything to have the police catch them, when they go free three days later Very good, finally the Yankees did something, they were the ones to deported the gang members from the jails, remember? What is it worth capturing so many petty and felonious criminals, when the justice system is so poor it can’t verify the misdemeanors or crimes. The ones who are teaching violence are the movie producers another kind of movies should be made not focused on violence but when profits are distributed to the legislators, legislating stops I believe this is a very profound problem, and it’s already too big the solution isn’t so easy, because at least in my country these illegal groups are supported by authorities under waters, that is why the laws don’t change against them, they watch over their own illegal business deals through them, the famous white collar crimes which are all over Central America, and which involve even well-known statesmen, this problem should have a deeper solution and I hope that organizations such as the FBI and the CIA can help our country, since this is not just a problem with the economy or with education. It goes much deeper. What a good decision. Working together is the only way our nation El Salvador will be able to have peace, the same with other countries Many times, anti-gang policies are political strategies here in El Salvador, where it is believed that fighting crime is not a priority for the government, because we have some opportunistic government leaders there is no conviction to govern honestly. Our country would be better off if the governments would act in accordance with the principles of general well-being thinking that they are servants of the people and not using the people. What I mean is that during the past 25 years of apparent peace, 20 years with a right-wing government, 5 with a left-wing government. The perception is that crime comes from the gangs and it has become a boon for the security companies who get rich off the sense of insecurity many Salvadorans feel in their neighborhoods it is hard to believe in fighting against an evil that has become a social cancer, extreme measures need to be taken such as the death penalty for all these antisocial criminals when these factors are minimized, then they should work with the community plan. The gang problem seems to have no end. More than those who are already on the inside, dedicated to recruiting children from a very young age and if they don’t comply, they make them disappear in that period when we, the parents, have to work they take advantage of the time the kids are alone or they catch them when they’re coming out of school or on the streets when they go out to run an errand in order to get them into their gangs. It would be very excellent for youth at an appropriate age to do military service in the barracks to become disciplined and also if it were a crime to stay in a gang, payable with jail time or community service. They need to work so they can see how hard it is to make money with the sweat of your brow. This will be a good step forward which will be taken to fight crime but it will not be enough. This problem will never end, even this way. Keep on going The issue is that in Guatemala we have no governance and this is what leads to public demonstrations and those responsible for fighting these scourges are caught up in planning how to counter organized crime, which they themselves organize.Where do you think this situation will end? I THINK THE NEWS IS FINE THE WAY IT IS REPORTED. I THOUGHT THERE WASN’T ANYONE DOING ANYTHING AGAINST THIS EVIL TO SOCIETY. That is very good. I hope one day someone would invent jails that are isolated from the population in order for the telephone blocking to work well if they’re activated. For example near the foothills of the Guazapa hill, around El Roblar another near the Iramon hill in Chalatenango if they did this, I can assure you it would work. I hope they get their act together Drugs come from South America en route to North America. These countries serve as bridges, but the ocean and the sky are wide open, and drug trafficking has the money to use these means. Tons of drugs move through there, without any border restrictions or loss of product. Those little countries with HUGE LEVELS OF DRUG USE pretend they want to stop the trafficking, but when drugs are in short supply, the price goes up and so the number of crimes, because of a lack of supply. I MAINTAIN THAT THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES should REDUCE the amount of drugs they use, by running campaigns aimed at the new generations, the children, in schools, everywhere there are children who don’t know and have never tried drugs, but it is not in the interest of those who are corrupt. I think an alliance between several countries is of utmost importance to fight this scourge, which takes valuable lives from our country every day. The groups of gang members grow quickly like a cancer that if it’s not fought today tomorrow it will be too late, if it isn’t already. Here in Guatemala the police help the thieves do whatever they want. This is the case of the Pnc agent Itziril Ovalle. Authorities from six Central American countries are working with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) on important operations to dismantle violent gang – including Mara Salvatrucha, also known as MS-13, and Barrio 18, also known as M-18. Both gangs operate in several Central American countries, including Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala. They also operate in the United States. Those countries, along with Belize, Costa Rica and Panama are cooperating with the FBI in the initiative. Joint training exercises are one of its most important components. More than 20 police officers and civilian community activists from those countries participated in two weeks of anti-gang training provided by FBI agents at its campus in Quantico, Virginia. The program, which began in late April and ended in early May, covered combat skills, tactics, and gang prevention. The training was part of the Central American Community Impact Exchange (CACIE) program, according to the FBI. Authorities established CACIE in in 2013. FBI agents used a high-tech simulator to provide tactical training for confronting gangs to the participants. The CACIE program is providing “concrete and specific” training in how to stop gang activities, said Armando Rodríguez, a security analyst from the Autonomous National University of Mexico (UNAM). Improving cooperation to fight gangs Gang violence Strengthening relationships between law enforcement officials among the six participating Central American countries and their counterparts in the U.S.; Improving those relationships among civilian government leaders; Furthering cooperation between police in Central America and the FBI in collecting, analyzing and sharing gang-related information; and Improving investigations of gang activities in Central America and in the U.S. The partnership between the six Central American countries and the FBI has several goals, Rodríguez said: center_img By Dialogo September 10, 2014 While MS-13 and M-18 are the largest gangs in Central America, they aren’t alone. There are about 900 gangs in the region, according to www.envio.org and other publications, totaling about 140,000 members. Most gang members work the streets, extorting, perpetrating threats and act of violence, forcibly recruiting young people, and robbing bus drivers and small business owners. But some gang members are professionals. Among their ranks are physicians, attorneys, engineers and IT specialists. Some MS-13 and M-18 factions have grown large enough to afford medical equipment so that they can treat members injured during battles, El Heraldo reported on August 6. In addition to forming alliances with the Sinaloa Cartel and Los Zetas, MS-13 and M-18 have also formed partnership with regional drug trafficking groups, such as Los Chachiros, Los Mendozas, Los Lorenzanas and Los Perrones. Gang activity in Costa Rica MS-13 and Barrio 18 operate in multiple locations Central America and in the United States. In Central America, they are most active in Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala. In the U.S., one or both gangs operate in California, Maryland, Virginia, and Texas. Gang leaders in Central American sometimes give orders and guidance to gang operatives in the U.S., according to U.S. federal court testimony. The two gangs are known for using extreme violence. Both gangs engage in killings, extortion, robbery, car theft, human trafficking, and local drug dealing. And both have formed alliances with Mexican transnational criminal organizations – such as the Sinaloa Cartel and Los Zetas – to protect drug shipments into Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala. Both MS-13 and Barrio 18 are comprised primarily of teenagers and men between the ages of 15 and 35. They’re also known to coerce younger boys into joining, usually as lookouts. Cooperation between Central American law enforcement authorities and the FBI makes sense, because MS-13 and M-18 have increased their alliances with international drug cartels in recent years, according to Rodríguez. FBI officials concur that these gangs are an international threat. “We need to understand the enemy we will be fighting. Gang members do not respect borders,” said Jason Kaplan, FBI Legal Attaché in El Salvador, during a July 18 news conference. “We must establish programs to teach young people how dangerous gangs, drugs and violent crimes are.” Gangs in Central Americalast_img read more

Are millennials finding you… attractive?

first_img 1SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr As time marches on, we find Millennials coming into their most financially productive years, and they need financial services. In 2010, Gen Y made up only 17% of vehicle sales. Five years later, that number has grown to 28% of sales, while Baby Boomers and Gen X have flatlined or fallen back (according to J.D. Power and Associates). Many credit unions are considering process improvement in order to refine their processes to better appeal to Millennials but, believe it or not, easy appeals to any generation!Consider the lending process from a Millennial’s perspective:How long will I have to wait for an answer? (Most things in my life so far have been instantaneous. I have never had to wait for the annual TV broadcast of “The Wizard of Oz” or for the radio station to play my favorite song, or sit through boring commercials)How many hoops do I have to jump through? (I have to drive somewhere to sign something? On paper? I have to gather a bunch of documents?)How many stipulations are on the deal? (Are all of these questions necessary? Why is this application so long? How does the other online place I found do it without all this? Why can’t this be easy like Amazon?)Are you getting your fair share of Millennials’ business? Can you be found where they are looking? Are you offering the type of experience they value and expect? Have you considered that making things easy will appeal to other generations – not just Millennials?Facebook recently published a white paper on Millennials and Money that uncovered some key findings. The Millennials on Facebook are turning out to be financially conservative, with a focus on paying off debt and saving. Unlike previous generations, Millennials talk openly about money matters and they talk about them online, crowdsourcing for their financial advice – the modern-day version of word of mouth. Who better to dispense financial advice than credit unions? The question is, are you part of that online conversation? continue reading »last_img read more

Brentwood Man Arrested in Huntington Slaying

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York Samuel WhiteA suspect was held on $ million bail after Suffolk County police arrested him for the death of a 39-year-old Bay Shore man who was killed in Huntington his week, authorities said.Samuel White, 32, of Brentwood, was charged with first-degree manslaughter in the death of Edwin Rivera.A 911 caller had reported that a man was unconscious and covered in blood on Clinton Avenue and when officers arrived, they found the victim lying on the ground next to his Mercedes at 3:17 a.m. Wednesday.The victim was taken to Huntington Hospital, where he was pronounced dead. The Suffolk County Medical Examiner’s office performed an autopsy and ruled his death to be criminal.Homicide Squad detectives arrested White on Thursday. Suffolk County Judge Jennifer Henry set his bail at $1 million bond or $500,000 cash. He is due back in court Tuesday.last_img read more

Valamar Riviera awards for the seventh time in a row for the Share of the Year

first_imgToday, for the seventh time in a row, the Valamar Riviere dd share was declared the Share of the Year according to the public’s choice in the traditional choice of the Zagreb Stock Exchange. “It is a great honor for me to hold this valuable recognition in my hands for the seventh time in a row. Expectations of business results for this year are higher than last year, a year that was also a record for Valamar. Valamar continues to grow – this year we realized the acquisition of Hotel Makarska dd, and made the first step in the internationalization of our business by buying a hotel in Austria. The number of employees also grew to 6.600, we increased salaries by more than 11%, introduced a minimum net income of HRK 5.000, and created 2300 new jobs in the last three years. I believe that we have laid a good foundation for continuing to invest in the growth and development of our business. And I am proud that investors recognize Valamar’s potential and that the seventh award for the Share of the Year is already faithfully following us on the path to realizing our business vision, especially in the year when we marked the 65th anniversary of our business.” he said Marko Čižmek, member of the Management Board of Valamar Riviera when receiving the award.By the way, the Zagreb Stock Exchange award is given with the aim of supporting the best and strengthening the recognition of the capital market and its active participants among the financial and general public.”When we founded the Zagreb Stock Exchange Awards in 2012, we were guided by the desire to continuously identify and reward positive examples in our capital market. Over the years, these awards have become a tradition, which the winners often and gladly point out. This year, Valamar Riviera is a double laureate and since its founding has won a total of 10 awards in several categories, which is a clear message that the entire investment public recognizes and rewards excellence.” concluded Ivana Gažić, President of the Management Board of the Zagreb Stock Exchange.Valamar’s total investments reached HRK 5 billion, of which HRK 4,3 billion was invested in raising the quality of hotels, resorts and camping resorts, and HRK 700 million in acquisitions and expansion.last_img read more

Mauricio Pochettino: Dele Alli has shown Premier League class from day one

first_img Press Association Mauricio Pochettino admits Dele Alli looked a Premier League star from the moment he saw him in pre-season after the midfielder’s goal helped Tottenham to a 3-1 win over Aston Villa. The victory extends Tottenham’s unbeaten run to 10 games in the Premier League and takes them up to fifth in the table, five points off the top. It also gives Pochettino’s men the perfect start to a demanding week that will see them host Anderlecht in the Europa League on Thursday night before Sunday’s north London derby at Arsenal. “Today was not easy – playing against a team with a new manager when they are very motivated,” Pochettino said. “Only at the end when we made a mistake and conceded a goal we suffered a little bit but I think we deserved to win. “We are in a good position in the table. We are a young team and today was fantastic.” Villa have now made their worst ever start after 11 matches of a top-flight season and Garde’s first game in charge comes at home to league leaders Manchester City on Sunday. Garde, who played under Arsene Wenger at Arsenal and left Lyon after three seasons as manager in 2014, will have been impressed by his team’s character at White Hart Lane but Villa are struggling for goals, having scored just 10 in the league so far. “There’s things for him to work with,” MacDonald said. “There are some good technical players and I’m sure with his experience at Arsenal under Arsene Wenger and from his coaching at Lyon he will instil his thoughts.” Garde had not spoken to the Villa players before or during the match against Tottenham but the Fremchman is due to meet with MacDonald on Tuesday morning to discuss the team. “It’s a big task,” MacDonald added. “He must have the confidence in his own ability and the confidence in the players to want to take the job. “He’s done both and I think he’s going to be the man to take us out of relegation trouble.” Villa’s new manager Remi Garde, whose appointment was confirmed a few hours before kick-off, was watching on in the stands as goals from Mousa Dembele, Alli and Harry Kane sealed a valuable three points for Spurs. Jordan Ayew had given Villa hope when the substitute’s 79th-minute strike made it 2-1, but Kane wrapped up the win in injury time with his fourth goal in two games. England manager Roy Hodgson, also in attendance at White Hart Lane, would have been pleased to see Kane’s return to form continue, but it was Alli who sparkled with a man-of-the-match display in midfield. The 19-year-old, who made his England debut against Estonia last month, found the net with a composed volley on the stroke of half-time and produced a dynamic performance throughout the match. “I don’t want to lie to you,” Pochettino said. “In football it is always day by day. We saw big potential in Dele Alli but youngsters have to develop their game and mentality. “We always give youngsters the possibility and the tools to improve. It is always up to them. “Every player is different. Some players need more time and others less time. “It is true Dele Alli from the first day of pre-season started to show he was capable of playing in the Premier League. “Because of that we gave him the chance to play, he took the chance and he plays now because he deserves to.” last_img read more