Apple Will Charge You 69 To Replace That Lost Airpod

first_img It took a little longer than expected for Apple’s first wireless earbuds to arrive. Now that you can buy a pair of Airpods, you might want to know what it’ll cost if you lose one of the little buggers.The price actually seems quite reasonable. Apple will charge you $69 for a replacement, which, given that their retail price on the full package is $159 isn’t all that bad.If you happen to lose all three major components at different times, you’re going to pay a bit extra. The special charging case will run you another $69, so if you don’t learn your lesson after the misplacing that first Airpod you’ll be out a total of $207.If you’re anticipating that kind of misfortune, you might want to just buy an extra pair now and save yourself almost fifty bucks. Or, you know, commit to taking care of the tiny, incredibly lose-able wireless ‘phones you just bought yourself to use with your headphone jack-less new iPhone.Apple does try to warn you when an Airpod goes rogue — while you’re listening to your tunes with them, anyway. Should one fall out of your ear, playback will stop.  As Engadget notes, that functionality isn’t there strictly to alert you: Apple also designed them that way to make it easier to listen to someone speaking to you when you pull one out.But hey, any feature that helps you avoid spending $69 unnecessarily is cool, whether that’s the primary purpose or not. And before anyone else posts something like this on Apple’s support forums: no, “find my Airpod” is not a thing. Not yet, anyway. Courage: Apple’s AirPods Are Still Without a Release DateAfter accepting $3 billion from Apple, Beats co-founder says EarPods are… Stay on targetlast_img

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