Nintendo commissions official NES book to compliment Classic Mini console

first_imgOn November 11, Nintendo is set to release the Nintendo Classic Mini console, which offers 30 classic NES games on a mini NES for $59.99 including a gamepad. The announcement the Classic Mini exists was met positively and the mini machine is sure to fly off store shelves. And now Nintendo is complimenting it with a book.Prima Games is handling creation and publishing of the book, which is titled Playing With Power: Nintendo NES Classics. The author is listed as Gantt Rocha who also wrote the Hyrule Warriors Legends book released back in March.The 320-page hardcover tome ships with an exclusive embossed slipcase making it look like a NES Game Pak on your shelf. As for the content, here’s where I’m left scratching my head a bit.The Classic Mini ships with 30 NES games, but the Playing With Power book only covers 17 of them. Why not all 30? Here’s the list of games in the book:Balloon FightDonkey KongDonkey Kong Jr.Dr. MarioExcitebikeIce ClimberKid IcarusKirby’s AdventureMario Bros.MetroidPunch-Out!! Featuring Mr. DreamStarTropicsSuper Mario Bros.Super Mario Bros. 2Super Mario Bros. 3The Legend of ZeldaZelda II: The Adventure of LinkThe detail included about each game has been lifted from Nintendo Power magazine and will be combined with interviews and commentary “from Nintendo visionaries.” Add to that vintage advertisements and hand-drawn maps, characters, and game environment art.At $26.99 it’s not cheap, and when you consider a good percentage of those 320 pages will be taken up with game art and adverts, the book will be quite light on detailed content. One for collectors who need to own everything I guess. You can pre-order it now, with the release date set as November 18.If you are now suspicious as to the content of this official book, you may want to instead wait for the unofficial NES visual compendium pictured above, which recently got funded on Kickstarter. It has been put together by Bitmap Books who have a good reputation for delivering high quality books on subjects including the Commodore 64, Amiga, ZX Spectrum, Super Famicon, and even Classic Arcade Game Art. A NES guide will soon be added to that list.last_img

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