White iPhone 4 available to buy in China for 828

first_imgEven though the white iPhone 4 has not been released, an increasing number of people seem to be in possession of or offering an opportunity to have one in your pocket.One enterprising teenager managed to import official white iPhone 4 cases direct from Foxconn and then offered a conversion kit. Now genuine white iPhone 4s are appearing on the market in China, but expect to pay through the nose for them.The handsets being sold are complete in the official Apple packaging, but the sticker you see over the cellophane in the image below states, “meant for internal company use and not for sale!” That may not stop some people buying the unit, but the price being demanded definitely could.The 8GB model is listed at $828. The 16GB model is a cool $1,204, and the 32GB is thought to be astronomical, but isn’t listed with a price. If you really want a white iPhone 4 then this looks to be the only way to get one other than waiting until the sketchy launch window of Spring 2011.Read more at GizchinaMatthew’s opinionPurchasing one of these phones is not advisable at any price. As they are marked for internal use only these may not be final hardware and therefore could be slow or missing some key internal components. It’s unlikely, but you won’t know until the box has been opened and your money taken.There’s also the issue of Apple potentially blocking or killing the phone. It may not happen, but if they know some handsets have gone missing they may have the kill switch prepared as soon as the phone shows up on AT&T. Do you want to take that risk after spending $800-$1200? No, didn’t think so.One thing this does show is that a white iPhone 4 is clearly possible, but Apple can’t release it yet. It must be down to an issue with the final color or a discoloration problem over time. Either that or they can’t produce white cases anywhere near as fast as black one making full production unworkable.last_img

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