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Behind the blue

first_imgVeteran police officials James Claiborne and Michael Giacoppo signed on last fall as deputy chiefs in the Harvard University Police Department. Together, they have 65 years of experience in patrol and supervision.Claiborne, 57, is a veteran of the Boston Police Department. He is now in charge of policing at Harvard’s Cambridge campus. Giacoppo, 59, served with the Cambridge Police Department. He now oversees the University’s police operations in Boston. It’s a reversal of their geographical orientations. “We’re both learning each other’s back yard,” said Giacoppo.What does their presence mean for the University’s force of 87 officers and the kind of policing they do? Here is an abbreviated version of a recent question-and-answer session with the veteran officers.Q. You both served with big-city departments. Is doing police work at Harvard culture shock?Giacoppo: It’s a lot quieter than where we’re from. I was used to dealing with crisis every day. Coming to Harvard [there] is a different set of issues. You’re not in the maelstrom as often, if at all.Claiborne: While it’s quieter, the day-to-day tasks have a different complexity. In the city, you’re pretty autonomous. Here you’re in a web of complex relationships between the various parts of the University.Giacoppo: You’ve got to be very proud to be here. You’re at the world’s greatest university, and you’re the police force for the world’s greatest university. That’s a big ticket.Q. Community policing has long been part of the Harvard landscape. Any changes ahead?Claiborne: We’ll broaden and strengthen the community policing program. What I foresee is that every building on this campus will basically be owned by one of the officers. There will be a relationship between those facilities, those residential Houses, and a particular Harvard officer. We’re trying to push a sense of ownership and accountability.Giacoppo: Community policing is a strategy, it’s a way of doing business, it’s your mindset. The key here is partnerships and outreach and knowing your community and them knowing you. Every day is an opportunity to build those partnerships.Claiborne: To paraphrase one of our politicians, all politics is local. All policing is local also. Regardless of how large you are, the real work of the police department is starting with where the [officers] meet the citizens.Q. Any observations about the HUPD force?Claiborne: One of the things that impressed me most is the quality of the personnel. Without the constraints of civil service, we are able to hire people who are as close to ideal as possible, who fit the needs of the Harvard campus and the Harvard Police Department. Some of the officers in other places we’ve worked wouldn’t fit here. The officers we hire fit.Giacoppo: I was surprised at the amount of medical assistance that the patrol force offers. They handle medical service calls all the time.Claiborne: I was impressed by the amount of care the officers render. We are really a full-service social service agency. [The department’s] philosophy is that if you live here, work here, or study here you’re a client of the Harvard University Police Department.Giacoppo: The officers here, without question, are expert report writers. That’s one of the issues you see with PDs [police departments]. The quality of the reports goes from very, very good to very, very bad. Here, I’ve been very impressed with the way they structure their reports and their oversight.Claiborne: Community policing has been in vogue for a while. A lot of departments talk about problem-solving training. These officers put it into practice, probably better than any group of officers I’ve been associated with.Q. Any final thoughts?Giacoppo: I haven’t had one single moment or day that I’ve regretted coming here, or that I’ve been frustrated or bored or anything. The lure of Harvard is special for me.Claiborne: This is a service organization. We’re here to make life better for the people who live here or study here and work here. And we are accessible to them. We’re willing to help, to encourage people to communicate with the HUPD. There are no silly problems. There are no problems that are too small.last_img read more

WWE: The Rock’s best moments in the sport

first_img Dwayne Douglas Johnson (born May 2, 1972), also known by his ring name The Rock, is an American actor and semi-retired professional wrestler, known for his time in WWE. During his time in WWE, he was one of the most beloved wrestlers of his time. Even today fans go crazy watching him do impossible stunts and furious fights on screen. He has made a huge name for himself over the years, however, his wrestling days were nothing short of spectacular. He dominated almost every match he was in, below are a few moments of the rock which were some of his most memorable moments.Also Read | WWE SmackDown preview: Kofi to face Lesnar, The Rock returnsBest Moments of The RockHe won the shortest matches in WWE historyIn the 1998 Survivor Series, ‘The Rock’ participated in a famous match against the wrestler Big Boss Man. it is still unclear how long it took for The Rock to pin down his competitor. However, multiple sources claim it took between three and five seconds. He won the match in an impressive amount of time and, to this day, the match is still considered to be one of the shortest matches in WWE history.He made Wrestlemania history 2016This event was historic as it witnessed the highest ever attendance for a WrestleMania event. The rock was primarily focusing on his movies at the time. However, he chose to come back and that helped to spike the attendance for the WWE main event. He also achieved the quickest win in WrestleMania history by defeating his opponent in six seconds, according to ABC News.Also Read | WWE: The Rock announces his return to Friday Night SmackDown WATCH US LIVE FOLLOW US WrestleMania X8: Icon vs. IconThis match is a great example of how a crowd can elevate whatever is going on in the ring. The fans in Toronto treated every second of The Rock’s match with Hollywood Hulk Hogan like it was a big deal. WWE seldom lets its Superstars organically react to the crowd’s response anymore. Hogan, who was 50 at WrestleMania X8, along with The Rock delivered the best possible match in terms of entertainment, and the constant buzz inside Rogers Centre added to the spectacle.Also Read | WWE: Stone Cold to John Cena, here are The Rock’s greatest rivalries WrestleMania X-Seven: Stone Cold Makes a Deal with the DevilMcMahon’s involvement added to the drama cluttering things up. Austin made a deal with the devil and worked with McMahon because it’s the only way he thought he could beat The Rock. It was a heel turn years in the making and one nobody expected. The Rock came off looking heroic, facing the odds with his best effort, while Austin showed he was willing to do whatever it took even forging a pact with his sworn enemy in pursuit of the WWE Championship.Also Read | WWE: Stone Cold to Roman Reigns; wrestlers The Rock is friends with Gladwin Menezes LIVE TVcenter_img SUBSCRIBE TO US First Published: 14th October, 2019 11:12 IST COMMENT Last Updated: 14th October, 2019 11:12 IST WWE: The Rock’s Best Moments In The Sport The rock has been an important figure in the wrestling world and still is relevant to wrestling fans worldwide here are some of his most memorable moments. Written Bylast_img read more