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244 9v batteries pack a punch but dont try this at home

first_imgIt’s a problem you probably run into at least a few times a week. You’ve got hundreds of spare 9v batteries, and nothing to do with them. That’s not a problem for one brave electronics modder that decided to wire up a couple hundred spare batteries he had to see how much voltage they would pump out. The resulting video contains a remarkable absence of tragic death.It should go without saying that you should never attempt to replicate what is going on in the video. Sure, a single 9v battery seems like nothing, but when wired in series, the voltage adds up fast. The video starts with shorting a single battery, which produces a small electrical arc. Each successive unit makes things more and more risky.In all, the battery rig had 244 individual 9v batteries, although some of them were used and produced less voltage. Using a voltmeter, your intrepid modder determined that all those batteries were outputting almost 2,000 volts of DC power. By shorting the positive and negative from the first and last batteries in the series, he produced a massive glowing arc of electricity.The video shows the terrific power of this used battery rig being brought to bear on various items. A DVD is partially incinerated, an LED immediately blows out, and a small resistor actually manages to stay intact. 2,000 volts is a heck of a lot of power.Just so you have a frame of reference, any power source of over 600v is considered very high voltage, and quite dangerous. Voltage this high can cause severe burns and lower the body’s resistance sufficiently that current flows across the heart, potentially causing a heart attack. Luckily, you probably don’t have a few hundred 9v batteries laying around.via The Custom Geeklast_img read more