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Thunderbolt 20 doubles in speed so maybe youll use it now

first_imgFor the uninitiated, Thunderbolt is a hardware interface through which peripherals can be connected — similar to — but faster than — USB, and not nearly as prevalent. Intel and Apple teamed up to create the interface, and released the first iteration of it back in 2011, which appeared on the 2011 MacBook Pro. As something of a noble endeavor, Thunderbolt was intended to be the solution to tidying up that drawer full of wires you have sitting next to your computer desk. The interface is designed to work between mobile, desktop, and laptop, so you only need the one wire. Of course, USB can already do this (though more slowly), but the real problem is that hardware needs to actually include the appropriate port. Any iPhone owner that forgets his or her cable at work and lives with roommates who only have Android devices can attest to this. Now, Intel has announced that Thunderbolt 2.0 will jump from the standard 10Gbps to 20Gbps, and in both directions.Compared to USB 3.0, which theoretically maxes out at 5Gbps, the original Thunderbolt should have been a no-brainer alternative. However, the fastest or highest quality product isn’t always the one that wins out, and USB — as you may have noticed — is as the name suggests: universal. Perhaps with a doubling of speed from 10Gbps to 20Gbps, the advantage of Thunderbolt will now be significant enough to spur widespread adoption.Thunderbolt 2.0 will be backwards compatible, and along with being able to run 20Gbps in both directions through its now thinner cable, it is fast enough to simultaneously transfer and display a 4K video file. Unfortunately, 4K video is currently even less widespread than Thunderbolt. The new cables are set to turn up production sometime next year, so 4K video will have a bit of time to figure out how to exist before we have cables that can transfer it.last_img read more