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10 days agoRacing Santander keeper Luca Zidane not obsessing over Real Madrid future

first_imgRacing Santander keeper Luca Zidane not obsessing over Real Madrid futureby Carlos Volcano10 days agoSend to a friendShare the loveRacing Santander goalkeeper Luca Zidane says he’s not obsessing over his future with Real Madrid.Zidane is on a season-long loan with the Segunda Division outfit.”We’ll see what happens in a few years,” Zidane said.”I understand that it’s normal to ask me about Real Madrid, but I’m not there.”I see the team in a good state and although the results haven’t been great in the Champions League I trust the squad.” TagsTransfersAbout the authorCarlos VolcanoShare the loveHave your saylast_img

Trump turns back to tax overhaul pitch aimed at truckers

first_imgMIDDLETOWN, Pa. – President Donald Trump pitched his tax plan as a boost for truckers at an event Wednesday in Pennsylvania, saying, “America first means putting American truckers first.”Trump appeared before about a thousand cheering people at an airplane hangar dramatically draped with American flags. Two big rigs were in the background.“It will be rocket fuel for our economy,” Trump said of a plan that would dramatically cut corporate tax rates from 35 per cent to 20 per cent, reduce the number of personal income tax brackets and boost the standard deduction.Trump said a cut to business taxes would help truckers because there will be “more products to deliver and more contracts to fill.” He also said his plan would benefit middle-class families by lowering rates, creating new jobs and making it easier for business owners to pass companies on to their children.“So many people have come up to me and said give it to the middle class, give it to people who need it,” Trump said.Trump is diving back into the tax fight after weeks in which his attention has shifted to rapidly emerging crises — including the mass shooting in Las Vegas and the hurricane recovery effort in Puerto Rico — as well as dramas of his own making, such as his escalating feud with Sen. Bob Corker, R-Tenn., and public tension with Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.Taxes are the chief legislative priority for Republicans hungry for a major legislative achievement. With the 2018 campaign year looming, GOP lawmakers want something to show for their time as the majority party, and tax legislation remains their best hope.Trump has left it up to Congress to fill in many specifics of his plan, which omits details such as the income levels for his new tax brackets. The outreach to truckers in Pennsylvania is an attempt to give a blue-collar appeal to a framework that outside tax analysts say would largely favour the wealthy.About two-thirds of trucking firms are structured as small businesses in which the profits double as the owners’ income, what’s commonly known as “pass-through” companies, said Chris Spear, president of the American Trucking Associations.The framework would cut the tax rate for these firms to 25 per cent from 39.6 per cent.“It’s pretty critical for our membership,” Spear said.But the liberal Center on Budget and Policy Priorities said few truckers would benefit from this preferential rate because the majority of truck drivers are employees rather than pass-through business owners, based on its analysis of Census data.During his speech, Trump hailed truckers as a barometer for the nation’s economy, and praised them as unsung heroes.“You’re going to make more money. You’re going to do better than ever before. And we truly admire you. You are our heroes, believe me,” he told them. “You are our heroes.”Republicans in Congress aren’t solidly behind Trump, with some from high-tax states balking because the framework calls for eliminating the federal deduction for state and local taxes. That deduction is claimed by an estimated 44 million people and costs the government an estimated $1.3 trillion in lost revenue over 10 years.Fractious Republican lawmakers, especially those from New York, New Jersey and California, are wary of the potential financial hit to their constituents. They contend repealing the deduction would subject people to being taxed twice.“They need our votes” on the tax plan, said Rep. Chris Collins, R-N.Y., a member of the group.Discussions with House leaders on a possible compromise took place last week but are on hold, Collins and other lawmakers in the group said Wednesday. They said they were confident of a compromise.Trump highlighted the tax plan’s provisions aimed at encouraging international companies to bring back, or repatriate, cash that they’ve kept overseas. All told, there’s more than $1 trillion in cash held abroad by S&P 500 companies, according to Deutsche Bank.“We will totally eliminate the penalty on returning future earnings back to the United States and we will impose a one-time low tax on money currently parked overseas so it can be brought back home to America, where it belongs and where it can do its job,” he said. He added that his Council of Economic Advisers estimates that the change, along with a lower tax rate, “would likely give the typical American household a $4,000 pay raise.”“Could be a lot more than that, too,” he said.The $4,000 in additional income estimate comes from a back of the envelope calculation by White House economics adviser Kevin Hassett based on companies returning 71 per cent of their foreign profits over the course of eight years.This estimate appears to assume that the returned profits would flow to workers in the form of higher wages. But many economists say much of it would likely be returned to investors in the form of stock dividends and buybacks.Trump also said he would help truckers with a yet-to-be-announced infrastructure plan that he said would have “a special focus on roadways and highways.”“They will be smooth, beautiful highways again,” he said.___Associated Press writers Marcy Gordon and Jill Colvin contributed to this report.___This story has been corrected to show that Rep. Chris Collins is from New York, not New Jersey.last_img read more

Pot producers look past retail focus on medical IP for longterm revenues

first_imgTORONTO – Canadians are counting down to the legalization of recreational marijuana this summer, but industry players are already racing to get ahead in a potentially more lucrative market segment for the plant in the years to come: cannabis-based pharmaceuticals.Companies are researching and developing marijuana-based medicines that, they hope, will not only have broader appeal to doctors and patients, but will create lucrative intellectual property that will provide revenues far into the future.This is the next level of the “green rush,” said Har Grover, the chief executive officer of Toronto-based Scientus Pharma, a biopharmaceutical company focused on cannabis.“The potential down the road is far greater than what the recreational market sizes are… What you need to do is deliver medicine in a form that patients and physicians are used to using,” said Grover.Marijuana companies are eyeing the higher margins these value-added products can command compared to dried bud. Licensed medical marijuana producers also see the associated intellectual property as key to their future profitability, providing a competitive edge and a resilient profit stream as cannabis moves towards commoditization like every agricultural crop.While cannabis itself cannot be patented, licensed producers can apply for plant breeders rights protections for marijuana strains if they can sufficiently prove it is new. But innovations such as formulations, delivery mechanisms, and scientific techniques for testing have the potential to qualify for intellectual property protection.“There is certainly a desire by companies to develop cannabis products that can have defensibility from a business standpoint, from an IP standpoint,” said Neil Closner, chief executive of licensed producer MedReleaf.Scientus Pharma and MedReleaf are just two of a slew of Canadian of companies researching and conducting clinical trials examining medical applications for cannabinoids, which are a family of chemical compounds found in the cannabis plant.MedReleaf has been looking at the efficacy of cannabis for a range of conditions, including cancer and post-traumatic stress disorder. Scientus Pharma has been researching various conditions as well, but is focused on pain management, particularly neuropathic pain for cancer patients.Canopy Growth, Canada’s biggest licensed marijuana producer, launched its own biopharmaceutical company called Canopy Health Innovations two years ago.Bruce Linton, Canopy’s chief executive, said its subsidiary has been “running hard” and just last quarter filed 27 patents for combinations of cannabinoids and delivery mechanisms for sleep.Canopy and other Canadian licensed producers have been exporting cannabis to countries such as Germany as they open up their medical marijuana markets and require supply.As Linton expects most of these countries to eventually develop their own cannabis industries, Canopy’s proprietary products and methods can be still be sold or licensed there, generating revenue for the long term, he said.“Your real advantage is your methods and intellectual property, as well as your unique proven products,” he said.Canopy and Scientus Pharma are among the 32 firms with a dealers’ license from Health Canada, which gives them more latitude than a licensed producer to conduct activities with cannabis, such as testing. That number is up from just 22 in February last year.There is relatively little scientific research into the therapeutic effects of cannabis, in large part due to its long-held illegal status, and there is still much to learn about the plant, said Grover.“The cannabinoid plant is a gold mine of drug discovery and development for the next 10, 20, 50 years,” he said. “Much like stem cells were 30 years ago, and we’re getting to that stage now.”And Canada’s relatively progressive cannabis policy gives domestic scientists studying the plant a competitive edge on the global stage.In the U.S., marijuana use is legal in several states but remains illegal on a federal level, creating legal obstacles for research in the U.S., said Dr. Wilson Compton, Deputy Director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse in the U.S.“If you work in a system that has any federal source of support (funding), there may be concerns… It’s really a conundrum, and that impedes science in some important ways,” he told a conference in Hamilton, Ont., last month.Meanwhile, the federal government said last week in its budget that it won’t apply a new excise tax to cannabis-based pharmaceutical products that can be obtained with a prescription. That would put it on par with other drugs, such as opioids, which do not get taxed while medical cannabis in its dried form will be subject to the excise tax.However, to qualify, the cannabis-based product must have a drug-identification number – a classification number from the government obtained after going through a stringent, approval process which allows manufacturers to market and sell the drug in Canada.Medical marijuana itself does not have a drug identification number (DIN), which has been a deterrent for doctors asked to prescribe it and a barrier for insurance coverage.Obtaining a DIN typically involves rigorous clinical research, generally including 10-year double blind studies.The clinical research being conducted by cannabis companies could also get them closer to getting a DIN.“Having a DIN would be a complete game changer,” said Vahan Ajamian, an analyst with Beacon Securities. “You’ll have no tax on medical, you’ll probably have better insurance coverage… and you’ll get doctors that will see this as real medicine.”last_img read more

ATCO awarded contract for LNG Canada Workforce Accommodation Protect

first_imgCALGARY, AB – ATCO was awarded the Modular Supply Contract, with joint efforts to design, engineer and construct a 4,500-person workforce accommodation centre, known as the Cedar Valley Lodge.ATCO through its wholly owned subsidiary ATCO Structures LNG Limited Partnership has entered into a joint venture with a subsidiary of Bird Construction Inc. to build a facility to house workers working in the construction of LNG Canada’s natural gas liquefaction and export facility.The supply contract for 4,500 modular accommodation rooms for the Cedar Valley Lodge Project through a joint venture between ATCO and the Haisla Nation. The design and engineering for the project are currently in works, with construction planned to start for spring 2019. The project is included as one of the largest accommodation facilities built in Canada, providing amenities for the LNG Canada workforce. ATCO has been present in building workforce housing for major energy infrastructures such as the completed construction of a 1,600 person workforce housing for BC Hydro’s site C in 2016.ATCO has carried out contracts and modular site accommodation projects within the Kitimat region. Since 2011, the company has operated a successful joint-venture partnership with the Haisla Nation, which will also benefit from the Cedar Valley Lodge project.“We are proud to support this crucially important energy infrastructure project in Canada, which is vital to the prosperity of our nation, and to build upon our proven track record of providing premier modular workforce housing solutions to LNG projects around the world,” said Nancy Southern, Chair & Chief Executive Officer with ATCO. “Our long history of delivering major workforce housing projects throughout the world continues to position us well to support landmark infrastructure development in the years ahead.”last_img read more

Barry Bonds Wasnt Half Bad Either

Ken Griffey Jr. has been elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame after receiving a vote on 99.32 percent of ballots — a record. Earlier, we examined how Griffey’s prime, once separated from his unfortunate latter years, compared with the primes of other all-time great players. Junior turned out to be Willie Mays, more or less. While we’re at it, and for no particular reason today, we figured we’d run the same numbers for Barry Lamar Bonds, destroyer of worlds.Don’t worry, we think it’s weird to see Chipper Jones and Albert Pujols as Bonds’s most comparable peak-season players, too. More than anything else, consider this a sign that Bonds breaks the system — no other player had a truly similar mix of skills in their best seasons, particularly considering the absurd proportion of Bonds’s top years that came when he was in his mid-to-late 30s. Unlike Griffey, whose career bifurcation was so stark that his career-long comps end up being players he didn’t much resemble, a look at Bonds’s full career finds a satisfying pair of comps at the top:Remember when we made a big deal about how closely Griffey matched Willie Mays’s statistical profile? Mays is also Bonds’s most similar career player — except that Bonds showed better patience, power and contact skills than Mays, while still coming close to matching the Say Hey Kid on the basepaths and in the field.Because Bonds’s statistical profile is an invitation for the absurd, we thought it might be instructive to compare his worst years (i.e., his aggregate rate statistics after giving more weight to his “worst” WAR seasons) against the best years of other players. Those “bad” Bonds seasons were most comparable to — and, in fact, surpass — the best seasons of two current or soon-to-be Hall of Famers.You may now return to whatever it is you were doing, which is likely not as fun as looking at Barry Bonds stats. read more

These Bengals Are The Best In Franchise History

—2015Cincinnati1349411087— 19881626.113613310689 142001Oakland122861067982.0 OFFENSEDEFENSE 62011Green Bay13597958372.6 YEARMAX ELOPASSINGRUSHINGPASSINGRUSHING 132008Indianapolis122851099481.5 20151666.31349411087 151995Green Bay12687979084.2 112009San Diego12884989580.6 71983Miami124961189175.9 19741632.711611010578 An elite passing offense is where the similarities between the 1981 and 2015 Bengals end, though. While the 1981 squad also employed a solid rushing attack4An underrated feature that causes their estimated EPA to rise despite a middling yards-per-carry mark: rarely fumbling. No team fumbled less than Cincinnati in 1981, and most of its fumbles were committed by quarterbacks and receivers, not running backs. and a balanced defense that was essentially league-average against the run and the pass, the 2015 Bengals defend the pass well but aren’t particularly good at running the ball or defending against the run. Among historical Bengals squads, that profile more closely matches the strengths and weaknesses of the 1975 team, which was also good at passing and stopping the pass but lousy in the running game on both sides of the ball. (The 1975 Bengals ultimately lost in the divisional round of the playoffs.)But if we’re looking for historical teams truly comparable to this year’s Bengals, we’ll have to leave Cincinnati. We can measure how similar any two team’s strengths and weaknesses are by using the differences in their EPA grades from above.5Specifically, we can take the squared differences in their passing and rushing grades on each side of the ball and weight them by the relative importance of each category in determining a team’s overall quality during the Super Bowl era. In this case, the weights are 44 percent to passing offense, 12 percent to rushing offense, 31 percent to passing defense and 12 percent to rushing defense.Here are the teams most similar to the 2015 Bengals: 91988L.A. Rams12510311310179.8 RANKYEARTEAMPASSINGRUSHINGPASSINGRUSHINGDIFF² OFFENSEDEFENSE 19761663.3110108121112 202009Indianapolis1209110897100.5 19811666.41251119898 102006New Orleans125100998780.6 122015New England1311191089380.9 19891627.012011810487 20131630.710693126115 192012Atlanta120861088696.6 32014Green Bay1301081099742.5 161991Washington1371061239687.4 19731618.7117111106100 52003Indianapolis12698998667.5 22005Indianapolis133981139514.5 According to our NFL Elo ratings — FiveThirtyEight’s pet metric for determining an NFL team’s strength at any given moment1For an explanation far more extensive than you probably need (or want), click here. — the best Cincinnati Bengals team ever was the 1981 edition, led by quarterback and league MVP Ken Anderson. Those Bengals notched a franchise-best Elo rating of 1666.4 after they beat the San Diego Chargers 27-7 in the AFC championship game on Jan. 10, 1982. But two weeks later, they lost the Super Bowl to the San Francisco 49ers, and while Cincinnati has had a handful of good moments since, things have never quite looked as bright for the franchise as they did that winter day 33 years ago.At least not until tonight — potentially. Going into Thursday’s matchup with the Cleveland Browns, the Bengals have an Elo rating of 1666.3, a mere fraction of a point behind the high-water mark set by the 1981 team. Any win, no matter how small the margin, would make the 2015 Bengals the best team in franchise history.At 7-0, they’ve already started the season better than any other Cincinnati squad. Formerly maligned quarterback Andy Dalton ranks fourth in the NFL in Total QBR. And he has the support of a solid defense that ranks third in Pro-Football-Reference.com’s Simple Ratings and 12th in Football Outsiders’ DVOA metric. It’s a good recipe for a Super Bowl run, and Elo assigns the Bengals the NFL’s fourth-highest probability of winning it all this year (12 percent).That 1981 Bengals club shared an important characteristic with this year’s team: great passing. If we scale every team’s per-play expected points added (EPA)2Estimating EPA for seasons before 2006 using a weighted random forest regression model trained on data from 2006-2015. The model attempts to predict what a team’s rushing and passing EPA (on offense and defense) would have been if such data were available, based on the team’s box-score statistics relative to the NFL average that season. such that the league has an average of 100 and a standard deviation of 15 each season, we can measure how effective a team’s offense and defense was in the passing and running games. This season, Cincinnati’s aerial attack leads the league with a 134 grade.3Meaning its EPA is 2.3 standard deviations better than that of the average passing offense. The 1981 team ranked second in the NFL with a score of 125. The only Bengals squad with a better passing offense than either 1981 or 2015 was the 1988 version, whose 136 grade was fueled by Boomer Esiason’s own MVP campaign.Here are the best Bengals teams ever: 172004Indianapolis134107969587.6 20051642.71211129487 UPDATE (Nov. 6, 7:39 a.m.): The Bengals added six points to their Elo rating on Thursday night, defeating the Cleveland Browns 31-10. Cincinnati’s current Elo rating, 1672, is the best in franchise history. The article below was written before Thursday night’s game. 42013New Orleans123951118758.3 11970San Francisco13492108924.4 181979Dallas12397999394.0 19821644.41201089292 81984Miami1391151067677.5 According to this method, the 2015 Bengals’ closest historical doppelgangers were the 1970 San Francisco 49ers, with John Brodie playing the role of Dalton alongside little rushing support and a defense that was much better at stopping the pass than the run. The next five teams on the list are perhaps more interesting, if only because they’re more recent; there are two Peyton Manning-era Colts squads, two Aaron Rodgers-helmed Packers teams and a Drew Brees-led Saints team. We’re only halfway through the season, but this list puts the Bengals among great offensive company. Yet, like the comparison with the 1975 Bengals, it also lumps them in with a bunch of teams that went to the playoffs with impressive records only to lose before reaching the Super Bowl.Cincinnati has an 89 percent probability of beating the Browns tonight and claiming its mantle as the best Bengals squad ever. But their real work may be saved for the playoffs, in bucking the trend toward postseason disappointment for teams constructed out of similar parts. read more

Mens lacrosse coach feels honored to be Buckeye

At 30 years old, Ohio State’s second-year head lacrosse coach Nick Myers is living his dream.“I still pinch myself occasionally driving in each morning knowing that I am the head coach at Ohio State,” Myers said. “It’s very special to me.”On July 10, 2008, Myers became the 13th head coach of the OSU lacrosse program. He spent the previous three seasons as the Buckeyes’ top assistant.It was during those three years and two other seasons as a volunteer assistant under former coach Joe Breschi when Myers grew and learned how to coach.“Watching Nick develop from a young 24-year-old volunteer assistant into the head coach is great to see,” said Breschi, who is currently the coach at the University of North Carolina.In between his two assistant coaching jobs at OSU, Myers spent two seasons as the top assistant coach at Butler University.In his first year, Myers lead OSU to a 7-7 regular season record and the team advanced to the championship game in the Great Western Lacrosse League tournament.This year the team has a 6-6 record overall and is 2-3 in its new conference, the Eastern College Athletic Conference.When the team’s three senior captains Scott Foreman, Brandon Freeman and Andrew Stimmel talked about their coach, the one word they all used to describe him was “passionate.”Freeman said that Myers always brings high energy and passion to games and practices. Stimmel said that Myers pushes the players both on and off the field.“Nick has tremendous attention to detail, energy and passion for the game of lacrosse,” said Pat Myers, Nick’s brother and assistant coach at the University of North Carolina.Nick Myers’ stepfather introduced him to lacrosse, and Nick said he got his first look at a lacrosse stick as an eighth-grader.“For me it was a passion that I developed quickly,” Myers said. “It’s a game that is unique in a sense where it combines so many aspects of not only athleticism, but speed and scoring.”In high school, Myers was a two-time All-American and represented his home state of Maine in the 1997 North-South All-Star game.Myers was also a Division III All-American playing for Springfield College in Massachusetts, where he earned a degree in sports studies and physical education.After college, Myers came to OSU to be a volunteer assistant coach.“I knew financially it would be a burden,” Myers said. “I worked a couple of different jobs but it was so valuable, the time with coach Breschi, this staff and this family.”In Columbus, Nick joined his brother Pat who was playing lacrosse for the Buckeyes.“The chance to be with my brother for two years was really fun, too,” Nick Myers said. “We had a lot of fun together. I enjoyed coaching him.”In addition to on-the-field performance, Myers has the team set goals off the field as well.“At the beginning of the year we talk about family, academics and lacrosse,” Myers said. “We give a player handbook similar to what coach [Jim] Tressel has done with his ‘Winner’s Manual.’”This year, the team has achieved academic goals with a team grade point average of over 3.0. It also had 26 scholar athletes last quarter. The team also has contributed more than 600 hours of community service, beating its preseason goal of 500 hours.“Nick recognizes that playing lacrosse for Ohio State is a special honor, and is a privilege not a right,” Pat Myers said. “Lacrosse is secondary to the OSU lacrosse family and the academic aspect of the OSU lacrosse program.”Nick Myers has found a home in Columbus and at OSU. His face lit up as he said that he and his wife are expecting their first child this month.“I really feel like in a lot of ways this is where I have grown up. It is a place where I am very connected to through my family,” Myers said. “This athletic department is the finest in the country and it is very humbling at a young age to just be a part of it.” read more

Brendan Rodgers calls for continuity at Celtic

first_imgCeltic manager Brendan Rodgers insists that continuity in his squad is every bit as important as making new signings with the club aiming to book their place in the Champions League group stagesThe Scottish Premiership champions were made to do without Dedryck Boyata, Moussa Dembele, Leigh Griffiths, Lewis Morgan, Marvin Compper and the suspended Jozo Simunovic for their second qualifying round against Norwegian side Rosenborg.But Celtic were able to grab a crucial 3-1 win on Wednesday night.“We come with an advantage,” Rodgers told BBC.“Like every European game away from home, you’ve got to defend well, you’ve got to be strong and we know as we’ve seen that we can score goals.Top 5 Atletico Madrid players to watch in next week’s UCL Tomás Pavel Ibarra Meda – September 14, 2019 With the Champions League about to start, we need to start talking about the Top 5 Atletico Madrid players to watch in the competition.Atletico…“Nowadays, it’s always about wanting to get new players and lots of players but I also enjoy the continuity of coaching and seeing players improve and seeing their games continually develop.”Celtic have signed made two signings in striker Odsonne Edouard and goalkeeper Scott Bain so far this summer.“We want to strengthen the squad of course but at this point in time what is most essential is that you build a mentality and a quality to hopefully get through the qualification games,” said Rodgers.Should Celtic progress from the second qualifying round, then AEK Athens will be awaiting them in the next round.last_img read more

Zlatan discusses Pogbas recent revival

first_imgFormer Manchester United striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic has been discussing Paul Pogba’s recent return to form in the last few weeks.The Frenchman has seen a resurgence since Jose Mourinho was replaced by Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, the former Juventus star has scored five goals and provided four assists in six games under the Norwegian.Zlatan said of Pogba’s revival, according to ESPN:“We are seeing [a] more happy Paul, more free Paul, more ‘do whatever you want to do,’ and he is succeeding with things now.”“It’s like new energy, new blood came in, and now he is playing like he knows how to play. And we know who Pogba is, and this is the Pogba we are seeing.”Harry Maguire, Manchester UnitedLiverpool legend Nicol slams Harry Maguire’s Man United form Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Steve Nicol believes Harry Maguire has made some “horrendous mistakes” recently, and has failed to find his best form since joining Manchester United.“When you play, happiness is very important, because when you feel stuck in a situation, you don’t express yourself 100 percent and play 100 percent.”Ibrahimovic, who won the 2018 MLS Newcomer of the Year award after finding the back of the net 22 times in 27 games after arriving to the Major League Soccer (MLS) in March, recently re-signed a new contract with the Galaxy for the 2019 season.last_img read more